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PGT October, PGMP 1-2, FTP coming back and Bangalore

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-11-04 at 12:00 AM

PokerGuru Tour October edition was a huge success. We hosted the biggest tournament in India with record numbers in the 5k re-entry. We also hit 119 players for the 7k bounty, I was hoping we would get close to 100 for our main but we fell little short, but still had the biggest payout for main event for any Indian tournament. Our December edition should be the biggest ever with even bigger numbers and better payouts. This time around almost everyone from the first batch made it and they all pooled in and bought me amazing S3 for my bday, was the best birthday gift I hv ever gotten, meant a lot, thanks a lot guys!

I couldn’t get much going on this time around in PGT tournys, played well pretty much in all events and just ended up loosing flips or 40-60 for big pots in middle stages. Would have been good to have even one deep run but this wasnt my series at all. Huge congrats to Pulkit, Karan and KC for absolutely amazing performances.

After PGT I decided to go check out the Bangalore scence for cpl days and have been playing cash games everyday at golden aces. We came here with Samohh with the plan of chillin iwth Goindi, but both made last minute plans to goto Macau and left as soon as we reached. Bangalore has been fun and the weather is absolutely amazing, food is pretty good too and with tons of poker players it has been good time hanging out here. I will be home on Wednesday and we will be continuing with sessions for both PGMP 1 and 2, I did not bring my laptop this trip and have not been online much in last 10 days. Fulltilt is finally back (finally liquidity) which means I will be playing a lot more, plan is to play to grind online for rest of November and then come back to Goa for APT main (APT side events never rly get any numbers so dont see the point of coming for those) and entire PGT of course. Will be spending a lot of time with both the PGM groups as well. Today I am in my hotel room grinding the double vision Sunday on PokerStars, managed to borrow a laptop for the day, wish me luck.

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Aditya Agarwal

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