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PGT Report

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-02-17 at 12:00 AM

We reached Goa just in time for the PGT season 2 opener. This time we have planned 6 events in Goa across the year, with each event having 4 tournaments. In total we will hv 24 tournaments all of which will count towards the PGT season 2 POY. Top 10 on POY will be invited to play an exclusive freeroll worth 12 Lakhs. Rohit, Raman and I will not be eligible for the POY freeroll so as to avoid conflict of interests. We feel organizers should not be competing in their own tourny series POY (after all they decide the structure, schedule, buyins, points system etc). Hopefully we will be starting this trend and more organizers will follow.

Our inaugural event of PGT season 2 was a 5k FO, we got 70 unique players and I somehow managed to navigate the field and make the final table. There were bunch of PGT regulars (uday patil, naresh, hussain, shawn chatterton) on the final table. I ran pretty good, sucking out early on the final table and again later when we got shorthanded to get HU with Naresh. Naresh played amazingly well not only HU but throughout the final table and got the much deserved win . I was 0-3 in HU at CR, after this, in tournies and was yet to win a tournament in Royale. I got the chance next day in the 5k rebuy, we got 43 players with 1st place money of 3.2 Lakhs, again we had a super tough final table and finally it got down to Sushi, Varma and me. Varma and Sushi got it in after raising war with JJ and A6 3handed, Varma’s hand held and we were left HU. This time I was determined not to come 2nd and somehow managed to keep my composure in a real swingy match and finally won my first tournament in CR.

25k Main event got 58 players and the 50k 6 max highroller got 33 players, both were pretty deep structured tournaments with lot of good players. It was fun both days as we were finally able to play some good deepstack poker and had semi deep runs both days. Congratulations to Vinay Suchede who took down the Main event and Team PokerGuru pro Kcdesi (kunal chandra) for winning the 50k high roller which had to be toughest Indian field in any tourny ever. We looking forward to getting bigger and bigger field as the season progresses, the team is determined to make PGT the best tournament series in India.

Now the plan is to chill in Goa for couple of months and play the main events of as many tournies here as possible, dont think I will waste time playing smaller events for other events unless they get decent numbers. Next PGT event is from March 15-18, after which the team will be heading to APT Manila and APPT Cebu in April, back to PGT in May and the WSOP in June/July. Going to be playing online lot more soon, will be blogging more about that in my next blog

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Aditya Agarwal

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