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PGT S02 July

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-07-20 at 12:00 AM

hey guys hows it going? recently i had taken a break from both live and online poker havent played much since more than a week now i guess. But the day before i sat online on stars to play 180 man $4.50 tourney. Had a good deep run but didn’t make it to the final table i guess i got out in early 20’s or 30’s. But over all i am really happy with my game and i am loving the improvement. Thanks to “You know who” 😛 and the other PG pros and of course the PG MP. The next PG OPL is on Sunday and ill be playing that hoping to take it down this time.

The PGT is around the corner and i am really excited and looking forward for it since its my first proper live tourney. Well not exactly first but when i played the IPS i didn’t know shit about the game hence i am not counting that tourney. I am planning to play all the sats at the PGT if the sats play doesn’t work out then ill be playing at least 2 tourneys the 5k FO and the 12k Bounty. Other than the tourney i am also looking forward at meeting all my PG MP mates at the PGT and learn as much as i can from them in person.

Hope everything goes well at the tourney. I have worked hard on my game and i hope for a good result. I wish all the very best to all my fellow PG MP mates and others. Will see you at the tables.

Cheers, safe and have a good one 😀

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Arjun Parmar

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