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PGT & The Online Grind

Posted by Siddarth Singhvi on 2012-08-08 at 12:00 AM

For the PGT July edition, I had booked my flight to Goa almost a month back and was eagerly looking forward for a small break from work. It all started horribly bad though, my flight was scheduled to depart at 12:30PM and I was happily grinding online the previous night like any other day. So what happens next morning, I wake up to see that its 11:45 AM already and there was no way I could catch my flight. I kicked and abused myself for a while suppressing the thought of going back to office as I was already in a holiday mood. Finally I booked another ticket, decided to fly the same day and reached Goa at about 6:00PM. The trip was awesome from then on. Firstly, I had no hassles in finding a room this time as I got to stay at Villa De Penha- the value added comp. stay for the satellite winners.

Now regarding the Poker Guru tour itself, I couldn’t go deep in any of the tourneys but was lucky to win a seat in both the turbo satellites for an entry into ME and the High Rollers.

5k Tourney: The 5k Event saw an amazing turnout (not yet close to the days of 2010) but was still nice to see about 90 players playing a tourney. I got busted very early in the 2nd level itself when I shoved into Aces.

12k Tourney: In the 12K tourney, I chipped up quickly to 10-11K and then played a terrible hand against Prabhat where I 5b shoved 99 against his KK preflop. I still had 4k left with me to work around for a little while before getting busted eventually.

25k Main Event: Don’t remember much of the 25k Main event except a couple of important hands. Guess I was too sleepy to start the tournament itself. Not sure how but I was already down to 9.5k in chips when everyone folded to me-I raised on the button with A3o to 850 at blinds 200/400, Intervntion in BB made it to 1950 and I tank folded (was so close to jamming but folded eventually).On asking Adi later, it turned out he was making a move and I was marginally ahead pre flop. (But it worked out all so well for Adi, next hand Manoj raises UTG+1, Adi 3b again from SB with KK this time and Manoj peels to see a 10 high flop. They both get it in on the flop and unfortunately for Adi his Kings gets busted against a flush draw). Back to my story, an orbit later I raise with AKo UTG-this time, UTG+1 3b and I 4b shove. I go busto AK < KK.

50k High Rollers: I enjoyed playing the high rollers event the most. We had a very aggressive table early on with lots of 3b, 4b going on at our table and each time I 3b or 4b, I was put to a decision again instantly. Unfortunately I never had a legit hand any of those times and thus lost a decent chunk of my stack. Also early on, my set got cracked by a flopped straight and I paid the guy all 3 streets. I was already down to 12-15K abt. 20-30BB for more than an hour, finally i got my first double up when I shoved from BB in a classic SB Vs BB battle, KQo < A5o. I moved back up to starting stack to abt. 27k and our table was broken a couple of orbits later. I desperately managed to maintain my stack to abt.10-12 BB at the new table as i wasn’t picking any hands. Finally they broke this table as well and I moved onto another table where i picked up AKo first hand. My shove found no callers and after an orbit later at UTG position i see KK and I hear someone at my table announcing “The blinds are increasing next hand”- obv. I was aware of that fact and was jamming ATC. However I thought it as a perfect Hollywood opportunity and started looking at the clock and my position and then shoved 11 BB abt. 23k stack hoping for someone to call this time. Sumit reshoves abt. 50k stack from UTG+1 with AJo and hits a Jack on the flop and the river to knock me out of the tourney. I later learnt that couple of guys at my table folded AQo and AKo that hand, so Sumit literally needed those 2 jacks to show up. Was sad to get busted 16th, one double up and things could have been different.

Online Grind: I have been playing a lot online for the last month grinding the Micro Millions and various other Mid-Low Turbos on a daily basis. MicroMillions was a fun series where in you could play various forms of poker at a very low buyin and compete with a huge field. I managed to cash in many of the MicroMillion tourneys but was never really deep in any of it except once. In the past couple of weeks I have had some very deep finishes in abt. 4-5 tourneys but that elusive 1st place is eluding me. Hopefully I will bink one soon.


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Siddarth Singhvi

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