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Philippines Diaries – 2 – Main Event Update.

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-04-22 at 12:00 AM

I played the Day 1a of the Main Event yesterday and was really excited and focused on this tournament. I drew a pretty tough starting table, with 3 Pretty Good Players and Name le who I think was the best player there. I had immediate position on 2 of them which made my day a little better. The days started off pretty smooth. I called a limp raise from the UTG (Very aggressive) and took it down on the flop when I bet a Q98ss flop after being checked to me.

After this I was card dead for a long time or most part of the day. I was determined to build a stack today and decided not to take marginal spots early on, no matter what. My stack was always at 15-18k in the first 5 levels, with me hardly playing a hand. All i could do was use by uber nitty image to 3 bet light a couple of times to take down the pot. Basically I was just card dead and spot dead.

In level 5, 150-300 (25), MP (aggro good) opend for 800, I look down at AKo and repops it to 2500, he shoves for 12k and I snap. He had AQdd and I held.

From this point on, I started opening my game a little. However, I had 2 very good players on my left taking almost every 3 bet and 4bet spot there is. I dint want to get into a leveling war with them this early in the tourney and just opened value hands.

I ended the day with 32,200, which is about 65 BB.

Thats it for now.. Will send u guys updates on how I am doing through FB or Twitter.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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