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Philippines Diaries – 3 – One FT and in Cebu

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-04-26 at 12:00 AM

So, yeah as a lot of you know by now, I ran decently deep in the main event and finished 32nd. I think I played pretty good throughout. Dint take any spewy spots and was playing pretty solid. After I busted out of the main, I decided to play the bounty event, which gave a $40 bounty on every player and a $120 bounty on invited players. I was one of the special bounties and had people trying to take me out all tourney long.

The bounty event was fun because I was in the zone throughout and did not make one mis – step. I chipped up early on when I rejammed 21bb with Jj and got called by AQ and it held. Then at 200-400 I opened to 850 with AKo, a very good Macau cash game reg, jams 21 bb behind me and I snap.He has KTo and I hold. From this point on had a decent chip lead and just started opening a lot of pots and taking it down post flop.

The final table was a little crazy, with a lot of amateurs holding on to their 4 bb stacks. I was pretty stacked up and went card dead spot dead for while on the FT. I took the first hit to my stack when UTG jammed for 9 bb and I called with 55 on the BB. He had 77. An orbit later I pick up ATdd on the button and shoved with about 12bb and I got snapped by the BB with AK. A decent pay day of about $850 and $80 in bounty. Not bad.

I am in Cebu right now for the APPT and we are staying at the Waterfront hotel and Casino next to the airport. Abhishek Goindi is also rooming with me and Amit and we have just been talking Poker the whole day. Amit has found this new love for Omaha and all they talk about is Omaha. Just got back from a very very sick party hosted by PokerStars, and it was uber sick. Caught up with all my buddies from Asia and also spent some time talking about the game with Jesse Meckenzie ( on the mac) a very good online pro . I am playing the day 1c of the APPT main tomorrow.

Thats it for now. Will blog once I run deep in the main .. You gotta be positive..

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Sangeeth Mohan

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