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Player of the Series: Micro Millions III

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-11-14 at 12:00 AM

I believe in just 2 things, Simple plans and World Domination.


^^ These guys inspired me

So, Micro Millions III is coming up and I have a plan:

[B]Play all the tourneys till my eyes drop dead dry and pop out.[/B]

My Preparation:
[*]Bought a [URL=”http://www.flipkart.com/samsung-21-5-inch-led-s22b370h-monitor/p/itmd8zygmfy4gx7c?pid=MOND8ZV5ECU5TFRZ&ref=65d3c1d6-fbe9-41b0-99b7-dafae2c65378″]21.5″ HD beast[/URL]
[*]Bought the [URL=”http://www.flipkart.com/sony-srs-d5-2-1-multimedia-speakers/p/itmczzca4fb8hgcy?pid=ACCCZZC9KCZ5Y4RR&ref=45becc81-625e-4c94-8ec5-746055132b76&srno=m_1_1&otracker=from-search”]sound of Chips.[/URL]
[*]Spent $100[Satellite Budget] to satellite into Tourneys worth $55.(Proves I need to work on the Short stack strategy we are learning in PGMP)

[*]Tried a couple of Turbo, Rebuy, Add-on Tourneys to get the feel of these tourneys.

[*]Making notes on Session 2 and 3 (I’ll share it guys, be patient)

[*]Installed Hold’em Manager, tweaked around played with it, got a perfect display of numbers all around.

Me, playing poker with HUD on

[*]Tried Multi-tabling, and realized the numbers were just confusing me, 3 tables, and I was going Crazy shit, doing random stuff (random was equal to All-in any hand)
[*]Safely concluded I would not experiment Hold’em Manager right now, but will definitely include it after MMIII, no point including things in your game, you’re not totally comfortable, at a big moment.
[*]It is a big moment for me, it’s my real test of Grind, I have never multi-tabled before. I am the guy who makes stupid notes and remembers players across tables and I have a simple wish, to become the Player of Series. One Time _/_

[*]I looked through the timings of my Classes, and tourneys and was disappointed to find out that I could play effectively only 33 tourneys out of first 58, excluding sleep, I would be sleeping in classes I guess. Sigh!
This happened in my last exam 😀

This time it’s bigger than money, my pride is at stake, if I make a decent ROI comparable to grinders I would be happy, but I am confident that I can win it all, if I can give my best possible game in all the events.

My friends had to say this when I explained my plan to them:


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Dharamveer Singh

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