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Playing poker professionally

Posted by Ashish Munot on 2018-12-03 at 6:56 PM

Hey people , its been a while since i last wrote, well lots of things has been happening lately .. Baadshah, WPT , and a ton of online series as well . i have been playing no limit hold em cash as well last few months and i feel pretty confident and good about my game currently. Adi’s coaching also has helped connect a lot of dots and now i feel well prepared and ready to crush hold em . With ppl coming up i have been doing some work on my game for mtts and also i have started to prepare by keeping my mind and body ready for the long and exhausting series it could be .
Mental fitness which has been in the discussion off late is def a thing to work on to think about spots and decisions with more clarity and take the highest ev decision in game and people who want to play poker professionally should work more off the table work since all the resources and softwares are easily available these days because the game is evolving and getting solved and you need to put in the extra work to be on the top ..
with Ace jack giving great exposure and working continuously on my game along with my other stable mates I am confident to do well and start travelling around for more live mtts .
That’s it for now will be up with a new blog soon. Cheers.

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Ashish Munot

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