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POKER and FUN-Spartan BR challenge

Posted by JAIDEEP on 2015-10-01 at 12:00 AM

The month long SBR challenge is drawing to a close finish. I was lucky to have an opportunity to be a part of this challenge. main aim for this challenge was to grind with BRM and take shots when it seemed right. For the past month or so I have stopped playing on foreign sites just to see how the government stance on regulation and taxation of foreign sites goes to.There couldn’t have been a perfect timing for me to get involved in a BR challenge where I was going to be given a starting roll which i could grind up.

My BR ran pretty much the way i wanted it to making small but sure strides all the way. Barring the first two days where I went into a net 3k below BR I more or less went break-even or winning the rest of the days. I went in with a plan which at that time seemed decent but to look back i would definitely use another +EV line.These thoughts might come in handy to the people who are starting the PLO SBC today.

1.Play ur most volume during the starting days. I was busy with other work when the challenge started and surely missed some easier games when it started.

2.Grind with BRM but definitely take shots . “If you’re too careful, your whole life can become a fu**in’ grind”.

3.Unlike the line which I took of just completing the daily alloted hands for myself play till u feel ur the better player on the table and capatilise on the mistakes of others. “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.” Online i would say that’s like 10mins.

Just are lines copied from the Rounders movie but cant be ignored.


In general i would say there were a mix bag of players that I encountered.From your typical recreational player to the likes of casino tight nit regs.The most I played with is probably “godfather” and “Uncle” aka vinay. Godfather is on the tigher side but he definitely has shown how successful his strategy is as one can see his tally on the chart.He definetly has me praying to win a pot agaisnt him.To tough to get money out of him I just try targeting others.Vinay on the other hand is a much more situation oriented player. Stealing in position ,targeting the fish (Me) and not letting spots go. Even in the days I did not play i could see vinay start with a 2k roll on 2-4 10/20 tables and withing 2hrs he would have a few stacks everywhere. His only fault I would say but he himself called it out is being too much of a BANKROLL NIT. With only 4 days remaining in the challenge there are still chances of a surprise coming up and wont be an accident if its him doing it.


All along this month I have been traveling quite a lot.Took a trip to Thailand along with buddies from school days and its surely gonna be a trip remembered for a lifetime. Half of the duration during the challenge I was enjoying the beaches and parties there and grinding when my friends would be piss drunk lol (A plus for a non drinker). Right now am in Chennai heading to Kodaikanal to spend the weekend and by 5th this month will get to know what to plan ahead.

Lastly I would like to thank Spartan poker Team for the opportunity and congrats to SAMOH on becoming a TEAM PRO. Hope i make it to the top 3 in the challenge so that i can get more opportunities with the group that are trying to work the poker economy ground UP.

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