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Poker, bitcoins and Goa.

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-09-24 at 12:00 AM

Sun came back, and the rain is soon gone. Season is about to start and we at the mentorship program are preparing us for a great poker season in Goa.
We are getting close to our final sessions now and as always it is very interesting to go through some new stuff and ideas
about hands and situations. We have also been railing Adi and Prabhat quite a lot during WCOOP, which now is at it’s last day.
For my part WCOOP was over for a week ago already, I messed up my bankroll with satellites and and tourneys so I stay calm for a while.

I went for the IPS main event, that was running this weekend.
I like the slow structure in their main event, and I am trying to play it every now and then. Also that people are coming back to tournament poker
makes it more interesting. Really good thing that tournament organizers have cut down on re-buy and re-entry tournies, good strategy that seems to work.
For my part the main event was not a success, I played decently but got into some weird situations. My tourney finished when I had AKo against villains KJs
on a KJ3 board. Well that’s life. New tourneys coming up around the corner.

Something else I did find this week was this article at pokerlistings about how bitcoin could change the poker industry.
I think this is a good solution for ex Indian, American and turkish pokerplayers
which many times experience difficulties with opening accounts or topping up their accounts.
I am also suggesting our own Asian online poker rooms to implement this in to their systems.
This would make life much easier for many customers and they would be able to get worldwide customers and more traffic to their rooms.
The link I read this week is here [URL=”http://www.pokerlistings.com/could-digital-currency-bitcoin-set-online-poker-free-20300″]http://www.pokerlistings.com/could-digital-currency-bitcoin-set-online-poker-free-20300[/URL], please look into this and let me know your views about this.


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Olli Wirkkunen

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