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Poker Gods finally gave me Reasons to blog

Posted by pokerist on 2011-02-22 at 12:00 AM

hey poker heads just wanna share some weird xperiences of a SINGLE NIGHT.
the night started like any other night for us poker heads. went to the poker room at the Royale started the 2nd table short handed but was a full table in no time.i 3 bet from the small blind with AQs got called by 4 players(peeps who play poker but not poker players). flopped top pair with all diamonds.it was checked around till the river as the board had all dias. i open AQ to claim the pot every1 but 1 guy folds.this guy throws 1 card face down towards the dealer with 1 card in his hand.the dealer instead of mucking the card flips the 4 of diamonds and starts to pass the pot to the guy. i raised an objection to the dealer flipping the card open instead of mucking it.the dealer argues & the floor is called to make a decision which is against me. i cash out & leave the poker room not knowing what was in store 4 me at my place.to b continued

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