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Poker in the rainy weather

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-08-30 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys

The weather is very raining these days, the rains are coming down and Goa looks more beautiful during the rains. And it feels like a good time to play some poker. I had a chance to meet Kid Poker – Nitish Gupta, who is doing good for himself playing deep stacked cash games in Goa these days 🙂

I was in goa this weekend for the main ips event. The winners of all IPS tourneys, even 5K were getting a free 30K CoC seat for their November main event, thus making it more than rake free and good value oriented tourney. In the main event, I got a double up early, when I hit a set of kings on the flop, and won a good pot. In the medium stage of the tournament, I got involved in a hand. UTG raised with A 10o, One player flats with 9Jss. The flop was A 10s 8ss,I 3bet the original raiser and eventually all our money went in on the flop. Unfortunately the flush didn’t hit, and I was down to 40% of my starting stack. I got my stack back after an hour, when I raised with 44, got 4 flatters. The flop was King jack 6o.. Every one checks to the raiser, that is me.. And I checked back. Luckily for me, 4 came on the turn, and I got full payment. After that I was cruising with a good stack until my final hand, on the final table bubble, when Rajesh Goyal raised UTG with KK, Rakesh Sharma went all in with 15 BB with KJ, and I have AA in the big blind, so I decide to go all in. Rajesh Goyal calls and covers me. But unfortunately the only remaining King, came on the flop, and that was it for me.

Next day, I played the 5k event. I was running pretty good, but on the final table bubble again, dumped off my stack when my flopped full house was no good as an unknown player flopped quads on the turn. I was not at all affected by these beats, because these beats are nothing compared the kind of beats I have got online, and I am happy to go out with the best hand. Intervntion’s training is really helping my game.

I had a good session in cash games though, made up all my buyins and also a profit. On the first day of cash games, I was not in the zone at all.. For eg. I lost a buyin when I paid out a guy who had top set with ace high ( yes an absolute misread ), but the second day I managed to do good and won some good pots. I actually wanted to play more since the table was fishy but made a -ev decision to get up since I was leaving goa in a few hours, and I didn’t want to risk getting stuck again. But then, I had postponed my departure from goa by a day, just to recover my losses.

The cash game scene is looking good in goa now, with 3-4 cash tables running all night this weekend for the smaller stakes and also a big game running upstairs. Its a good time to play in goa. And I feel that, the action will be good in goa until the new year. The 100-200 and 200-500 game in Goa is beatable, but you need a decent bankroll for it. Even a 2-3 lakh bankroll is okay (you d need more if you play 200-500) as a start for the season, if you are willing back yourself to lose it all. For 2-3 Lakhs, At 15K, you have around 15-20 buyins, which is a good start. But remember that a no limit player can only make money, if he is ready to lose every chip in front of him. Sometimes, you have to trust your reads, and a misread can result in some ups and downs. When I deposit something in Royale, I think that I have already lost the money, and then play. This helps me actually play my game and not get intimidated.

I have also got started off with 50K on pokerkingz. Going to give it a try. Will try to be back for the UPC too.

Until next time… Cheers!!!

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