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Poker Mindset among other things

Posted by Abhishek Kedia on 2012-06-04 at 12:00 AM

I have just finished my engineering and will be soon starting my first job at an analytics company. I have seen that a lot of people who start playing poker and have a little success at first think of it as a really viable source of income. I have noticed that this is not wholly true, unless you are a Negraneu or a Hellmuth. These guys also are living the life that they are due to sponsorship deals and merchandise deals. I may be a little old school here but I have been meaning to ask the pros like Aditya, Raman and Sameer Rattonsey, that are you generating enough income/revenue to lead a comfortable life, support your family, secure a future. I dont mean to be judgemental at all but I dont think Amit Verma would lead the life he can had he not been a successful writer/blogger. Or Vikram Verma/Bharat Agarwalla all have other businesses. I know that when you take to professional poker as a career it comes along with a set of risks such as this. While I really enjoy playing the game, learning more about it. I dont think it is a viable career option yet.

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Abhishek Kedia

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