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Poker: Noob to Pro(Dreams) Episode 1

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-10-31 at 12:00 AM

[I]Come bro, Let’s go out and eat dinner[/I] – Inzy(my room partner) said
[I]Dude, this is very important, I have won the first 2 rounds, and If I win this one, I’ll get $500K[/I], I replied

[I]WTF, man 2.5 Crore, let me come that side[/I]” (We share this room size of a store room in IIT BHU)
“[I]Abey it’s Zynga Poker man, you relax, just give me 10 mins[/I]

Chu****, stop wasting time, everyone’s waiting

20 mins later I had won the tournament, Yeah 1 in 1000, it felt good, almost close to winning $1 Million in reality (well, may be not), but I was ecstatic. These guys even took a Chocolate shake treat for me for my virtual chips, sigh! Cheap Assholes.

Few days later…

[I]Don’t you have like anything else to do?

Dude, this is fucking awesome, I can even sell my chips and earn money, you know how much 1 Million chips cost in real money, I am now a VIP here
See, I’ll buy this chick a champagne from my chips,
Tu yahan bhi chep ho rahan hain!!
Anyways, I am ordering this Poker Chipset from Ebay.
We’ll play together, then you guys won’t crib.[/I]

We looked at the Ebay listing, [IMG]http://s11.postimage.org/89svhnfkj/buying_image.png[/IMG]
and soon they were ordered.

Sooner they were delivered, and we started playing sit n’ go with rebuys and crazy hands.

We started playing with wrong rules, we had a weird rule that pre-flop raiser has to start the betting round after the flop, I have no clue how we started doing it, and this goes on to prove how Noob we were.

I used to bluff at every hand, and go all-in on each pair and then curse my luck wasn’t it supposed to be 55%, damn! :/

A king, Suited cards, any 2 face cards meant a definite call, “There could be flush!”
We would call flush/straight draws even after turn. Things were so much simpler that time:)

[I]Damn how does he always have an ace, like always man, I had JQ, both, a J and a Q, and he wins with A8, this is unfair[/I] -Anonymous Friend

Things changed steadily and slowly, we read a lot over internet, obviously our rules were corrected, saw videos, Pokerschoolonline videos, some blogs here and there, sit n go tips, short handed play, short stack play, whatever information could come, I was eager to read and share with my friends.

[I]Stop reading over internet, it doesn’t help, play the game and learn man[/I] – Anonymous friend

I’ll write this serious of posts which covers my first encounter, usual fights that turned friendship and eventually love with Poker.
Hope, it helps motivate some new guys to join the game, and turns out to be an interesting read for pros over here. Hoping to make good use of PGMP 2 Program 🙂


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Dharamveer Singh

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