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Poker tournament in Kolkata on May day

Posted by ADITYA AGARWAL on 2011-05-06 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys
I m sure that in this scorching heat everybody would be playing only one sport i.e. POKER…..my last blog was about cash games in Kolkata…..In this blog i would like to share details about a recent poker tournament that took place in Kolkata last Sunday….
Let me 1st tell that all the participants were highrollers and they play pretty big stakes cash games in Kolkata and some of them was playing a poker tournament for the 1st time…. now comes the details….
It was 25k re buy tournament (re buy available till the 1st hour) and then add on was optional…the starting chipstack was 25k and anybody could rebuy if their chip stack came down to 10k or below….total there were 23 entrants and prize pool went upto 15L 😉 aftr all the rebuys and add ons……total there were 3 prizes decided (1st 55% 2nd 30% and 3rd 15% of total prize pool)……Generally rebuy tourneys r full of action nd players play very aggressively (as seen online and in Goa ) but here on the contrary , everyone was playing a little on the tighter side at the beginning but as the tourney commenced and when re buy period was about to end ppl strtd playing aggressively…..Now let me tell about sum of the hands….
at the early stage nd i mean the very 1st hand on my table( which was relatively much aggressive than the rest of 2 tables)…. 2 players went all in on the flop of 8 7 5 and turn came 6 and river 5…..the guy who moved all in 1st showed 6 7 and the other guy showed A 8 and river saved him by pairing up the board and making higher 2 pairs….
then just b4 the rebuy period ended a person lost with AA to Ad10d when board ran Kd 7c 6s Jd 2d……
i was card dead yet another time nd dint have much to do except 4 stealing chips at the right moment to keep me alive……as the re buy period ended and add on was done i had chipstack of 51k my original buyin + 1 addon …..i was again doin wat i have been doing in the 1st round until there were 16 players left nd we came down to 2 tables….1st hand on this table when blinds where 1500/3000 i picked up big slick and a guy b4 me made it to 8k and i went all in wid 40k and it was a snap call 4m him…..to my utter dismay i ran into big slick …..then the blind increased to 2k/4k and on my cutoff position i picked up KcQc with 9 big blinds left….after the small nd big blind position every1 had folded so i decided to shove in only to run against big slick or rather 2 big slicks…..yeah thats rite both small nd big blind position picked up AKs….so it ws KQ vs AK vs AK and board ran j 9 2 6 8 and i got knocked out of the tourney in 12th position…..
would cum up with sum more poker action 4m Kolkata ……
till then take care and keep bluffing 😀

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