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Poker tournaments at Goa

Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-12-26 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends,

A lot has already been talked about the ongoing tussle between the tourney organizers, on different platforms by all types of poker players. By all types, i mean, much more experienced, cash game players, tourney players, Organizers and rookies like me.

At the start, i was bit upset with all this, and, specially when the dates of top two tournaments are clashing it was difficult scenario for me, 1. I like PGT n i m a part of PGMP, 2. I like IPC too, n have been playing regularly with lot of IPC regulars.

But, friends, after much thought reached to a conclusion that, this situation is really good for me:
At one go, i can play both the tournaments, that is i enter in one tournament, will play it aggressively and will try to built a stack, if i get busted out then, i can immediately rush to the other venue. This is a big advantage, since, i don’t need to spend two times on air tickets and hotel stay to play both the tournaments.
Secondly, if most of us plan accordingly, we can have better turnouts at both the events. Here, i will request the organizers to at least have different starting times on same days, and, if there is a say two hours gap between the start of both the tournaments then, guys believe me we can have maximum turnouts as of now. This way tournament organizers will create healthy competition among themselves, and will be also helping players like me to not to become a part of this tussle.
Thirdly, this competition has indirectly given an advantage to the players, such as now we have more rake free tourneys, and a better guaranteed prize pool.
Fourth, this will bring new incentives for players, like surprise gifts, freerolls, improved food quality and ambiance at the venues.
So u see, there is always two sides of a coin, it depends on an individual on how he looks towards it.

Lastly, still, it will be really good for the future of poker in India, if these all organizers unite to fight for common cause, such as rake, tds, holding of games legally in different cities (at least satellites) and such other issues which u guys can suggest.

And i am sure that this will happen soon, as most of them are very good poker players, and are good friends.

Till then stay tuned, keep enjoying poker, bye

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Sweetu Bansal

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