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#Poker4CovidRelief Campaign | Blog 1 | RS 70 Lakhs up for Grabs

Posted by Parth Jain on 2021-05-06 at 6:03 PM

Poker Global Community | #Poker4Covid Series

The Indian Poker scene witnessed massive growth last year when Covid Hit !! As Covid accelerated, so did the number of users playing poker online.

I, too, was one of them! I had just started loving online poker, but then I thought this industry is so small; what if I can create a community. The goal was to get free tickets from brands for myself & everyone in the community. However, within just two months, I was giving away more than 100 tickets a month. I had achieved my goal & then I continued running this community to spread whatever limited knowledge I have about poker.

However, with the second wave, the situation in India has become horrible. Because of a lack of adequate medical infrastructure like oxygen, ventilators, etc., the “system” is breaking down dramatically. First in Maharashtra, then Delhi & now everywhere.

Thousands have come forward & helped people in every way possible. Many from the poker industry itself have stood up to help as well. Some are offering free hand reviews in return for donations, while some are providing fitness tips.

This made me think about how I could leverage both the sites & top poker players who usually win a lot of money to create a #Poker4CovidRelief Campaign.


What is the #Poker4CovidRelief Campaign?

I decided to onboard 10 Top players, who will play five regular MTTs each, over 15 days sponsored by websites & to agree on a deal with them that whatever amount they win, they will contribute 50% of that to Hemkunt Foundation. This was the original message I put out on my Poker Global Community FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/228213254927154) & TPG !!


What happened next?

The response was phenomenal from both players as well as sites. Lots of appreciative posts came in & more than 50 players signed up. I managed to filter the top players based on regular winnings as seen on PokerGuru & selected these 10 players :

Aniruddha Joshi, Kshitij Kucheria, Muskan Sethi, Shivam Jain ( Cyflopse), Sanjay Taneja, Pranav Khandalkar, Abhishek Malik, Animesh Thakur, Gitanshu, Neeraj Kumar & Ankit Saurabh.


In fact, many of them agreed to give 100% of their winnings to this cause.

I then approached the websites with the help of Aniruddha Joshi, and in just a day`s time, I had three poker sites that readily agreed for the cause. It was amazing!!

  1. 9stacks – I sent a message to Karan Shawney from 9stacks, who himself was down with COVID-19, but in no time, he connected me to Lisa & Aditay, who agreed to sponsor 10 tickets after just a short two minutes call.
  2. Calling Station – They frequently sponsor tickets in our community group, so talking to Priyanka at Calling Station was super easy. She heard the entire plan & spoke to her team & got back to me with 25 tickets to sponsor. I was yet greedy & asked her to provide more ticks of higher value tourneys, and she was amazing to give them away as it is their 3rd anniversary.
  3. PokerDangal – Rimjhim at Poker Dangal, too, was very quick to act on this campaign. I sent her a message on Saturday night & she said if you have good players, I am more than happy to partner up. On Sunday, she proactively spoke to her team to get things going !!!

This is how within just three days, the entire campaign was live!

10 Players — > 50 Tournaments — > 50% of winnings to Hemkunt Foundation

Stay tuned on our Social Media handles to follow updates of this :


  1. Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/228213254927154
  2. Instagram – @pokercommunity_india
  3. YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrMbbWi6mGXpBCadMeQ0BwQ



Parth Jain | Admin of Poker Global Community

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