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Poker4CovidRelief – Outcome of the campaign!!

Posted by Parth Jain on 2021-05-25 at 7:11 PM

Hello everyone,

I am happy to report that we did it!! We collected Rs 24,000 for charity, and all of it has been donated to the Hemkunt Foundation already.

For more details on the campaign, read the first part of the blog here: https://pokerguru.in/poker4covidrelief-campaign-blog-1-rs-70-lakhs-grabs/

This was one of the best-executed campaigns I have ever been a part of. The entire process, all the operations, and communication were super transparent. We created a Whatsapp group of all the online poker site owners that included 10 volunteering players, and everything was coordinated there.

An excel sheet was made helping each player know exactly which event they were supposed to play and their event details. The entire group got around to cheering and railing for each other as they ran deep in the tourney, collecting money for charity.

The first event was on 9stacks, where Pranav Khandalkar managed to cash for Rs 3,500, adding Rs 1,750 to the kitty


Neeraj Kumar happened to play this same event on another day & he cashed for Rs 3,000, busting his Tens to AQs. Generously, Neeraj decided to donate 100% of his winnings & contributed the entire Rs 3,000 to the cause. And he further went on cash for another Rs 2,400 in a tourney on Calling Station, and again he donated the whole sum.

Animesh Thakur & Abhishek Malik landed up earning Rs 4,800 in bounties in PokerDangal’s Warrior Event. Animesh decided to donate 100% of the Rs 3,200 he won to the campaign.

Aniruddha Joshi was leading & in the top 3, but a bad beat caused his exit. He won Rs 4,400, adding more money to the kitty. He also ITM’d the Warrior 1.2L guarantee at Dangal

Some other players did not ITM the tourneys they played, but then everybody came together & voluntarily contributed to the campaign!

– Gitanshu Mehta chipped in Rs 1,000 & Rimjhim Jha from PokerDangal contributed. I personally contributed a certain sum & Ankit Saurabh chipped in Rs 2,500.

In all, we ended up collecting Rs 24,000.

The campaign helped build a lot of camaraderie in the group; everyone supported each other and railed them. Playing with the pressure of having to ITM for a cause was all so beautiful!

Overall this has been one of the most satisfying things I’ve done since I’ve been a part of the poker industry. The collaborative care towards this campaign that everybody has shown has made me respect this small but growing Indian poker community even more. I thank each & everyone who has come forward to help.

I sincerely thank all the 10 players, CallingStation, PokerDangal & 9stacks, to have agreed to this & made this possible on such short notice 🙂 !!!

Rs 24,000 may not be a LOT or anything, but I know today that 1 Oxygen concentrator unit comes for Rs 500 & if our contribution can arrange for 48 such units, this will probably save a few lives. And there can be no better feeling.

(See what budding poker pro Animesh has to say about the campaign)

Thank you, Poker Global Community! @pokercommunity_india & everyone else involved. A special mention to PokerGuru as well for covering this so beautifully !!!

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Parth Jain

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