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Posted by Jagdeep Singh on 2012-06-26 at 12:00 AM

This is my first blog ever and the reason its taken me so long to write one here is that I consider myself to be a terrible writer.
I have always enjoyed playing live cash games which are much less mathematical, more psychological with lots of information available through physical tells. Online poker on the other hand is very mathematical. I am still a fish in online poker and really need to put in lots of effort to come up with optimal plays.
I have spent more time in the last one month on studying the game than playing. Its imperative that one understands the current trends going on in online poker. For eg. In late 2010s, the dominant Poker Strategy was to raise a lot, don’t call a lot. This strategy is beaten by the dominant strategy of today- raise a lot, call a lot. Current trend in poker is towards hyper-LAG play with huge raising wars with wide ranges.
Fast-changing trends mean that there is no standard play. It depends on so many factors- stack sizes, antes, player type, position, table image.
Therefore, its important to learn how to think about situations. And thats where this PGMP has helped me learn a lot of new things. It has literally opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of the game! Thinking in term of ranges, how to use 3 bets, how to respond to 3 bets, squeeze play, bet sizing, optimal shoving & calling ranges and so on….
I have also learned how thinking players think about the game, and this is very important in figuring out the optimal strategy to play!
There is a lot of work to be done before I can come up with sort of +EV play for each situation. Its not going to be easy and will involve huge effort and lots of post-game analysis. And this is where as a community, we can help each other out. Most of us are evolving players and we can learn from each others’ mistakes and experiences.

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Jagdeep Singh

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