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Pokerguru Tour and Aces Unlimited………Live tourney comeback for me…..

Posted by ADITYA AGARWAL on 2011-09-16 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys ….i have been not blogging lately as i was off from poker……i made a live tourney comeback aftr goin to Goa for Aces and PGT….i wouldnt say much about Aces as it is an old organisation trying to promote poker in India but PGT opened with a bash ……PGT was one of its kind by breaking all the cash payout records…..it had an awesum blind structure which allowed the players to play deep nd not play bingo like in other tournament series….the highlight of PGT was PokerStars Pro Brian who had come to participate in the tourney….It was at new Pride poker room which has a better ambience than the previous one and is lively with 9-10 tables and 2 of them being in the corners for VIP games or high stake games….
now how did i perform in PGT…..i would say pretty decent exxcept the suck outs or bad beats which generally is the story for all the good players ;)…..the 1st event was 5k rebuy which had like 80 entrants …..i was pretty card dead in this one nd i was almost blinded out when i had to shove on Ac6c 4m my big blind only to find AKo at the button…….the 2nd event was by far the best deepstack tourney i have played till now (in India)……got time to make moves bluff rebluff etc nd did pretty well to reacch the top 10 when my queens got cracked and i became the final table bubble boy…..let me narrate the 3 consecutive hands i got ……firsstly i got AKo on my button when blinds were 2500/5000 nd i made it 10000 total nd everyone folded……second hand i got pockets KKs on my cutoff nd i made it to 10000 when folded to me and got no callers yet again but this time i showed my hand to keep up my reputation……now third hand i get pocket QQs and i do the same move by making 10000 total …..this time the big blind calls…..flop is 2 7 5 rainbow…..he checks i bet 15000 he calls…..turn 7 ..he cheks and i check behind……river is a 4 so now the board is 2 7 5 7 4……he bets 43000 and after a lot of thinking i call with my queens only to find dueces full of sevens……my stack got crippled ….i had like 6 BBs left with me and the very next hand i shove with A3 o and the dealer calls with k 10 and he makes a king pair and i got busted…..the third event was 10k turbo event which was fun ……all i could c was everyone shoving one by one on every table…….there i lost a coin flip with jjs to Ako to my friend from kolkata anil who went down to chop the the 1st nd 2nd prize….
PGT was overall fun ……playin with new faces……new poker room….new structure …..rake free tourney…..and last of all the beautiful silver trophies….i still regret abt the main event if i could have layed down queens thr and if things would have been different …..but that trophy would be mine in future PGTs…..
chalo then…..would be blogging next abt sum fishy cash games…..till then take care…cheers!!


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