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PokerGuru Tour – Goa December 2011

Posted by Amant Nauhria on 2011-12-14 at 12:00 AM

It all started on Thursday 8th December with the 50k 6-max High rollers event. I had managed to win a seat from a 10K rebuy mega live satellite by knocking out 8th and 9th place with KQ when I was dominated with AJ and QQ with a K on the river. I did manage to spend 40k in rebuys and add-on, so still a 10k SAVINGS!! I had a tough table to start the tournament on Thursday with PokerGuru team Pros Raman “RDX” Gujral and Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal on seat 1 and 2, me in seat 3. Seat 4 and 5 were regulars and seat 6 was occupied by PokerStars online qualifier Johannes Jansen. With that many pros on the table I was sure to see some good action even in early stages of the tournament. I saw a perfect example of this in the first round of blinds with Intervention 4 betting Pavana from UTG. Flop was Q high, Intervention check raised and 4 bet allin with KK and was beaten by Pavana’s top set of QQ. Anyway, Intervention was left with few hundred chips and was moved to a different table. I ran into Johannes and Pavana a few times and was just managing to keep my stack about the same as the starting stack. The players fell quickly in early stages and we were down from 5 tables to 3 in the first 2 hours. I was card dead pretty much the whole night and managed to bust out in 13th position ☹

Next day was the 5k rebuy event in which I managed to invest about 40k again but no deep run here either. I did play some cash and recovered most of my losses from the first 2 events. After a good night sleep I was back with the whole PokerGuru Team to play the 25k freeze out Main Event.

Main Event had 77 Entrants and a first prize of 700k and an amazing trophy to go with it. This was a good motivation to exploit the deep blinds structure and make the final table. I picked up good spots to accumulate chips with almost no showdowns. I had managed to get a double up by making a nut flush on the river, the opponent was not ready to fold top pair. Not long after I was caught bluffing by one of the tightest players around, surprisingly he wasn’t holding the nuts this time and called me down with just top pair. I lost about 40% of my stack and that’s when I slowed down and started playing super tight. But after having no cards for a the whole 2 rounds and playing no hands, I had developed a tight image so I started opening in good spots and managed to steal and win few small pots. I was involved in a pot with online qualifier Victor Duda who was in the BB. I raised from Dealer with 74d, both SB and BB called. Flop was 8 9 10 rainbow with one diamond. Checks around, turn is a Q of diamonds, check around again. River is a gin card J of Diamonds and I make my flush. Check around to me and I open shove all in about 60BB and Victor tank called me with a K high straight. So, I managed to get a double up just before the break. We were down to three tables at the end of first break and I had a comfortable stack of about 100BB with 60k in. We were back from the break and I was moved to a different table. Not long after joining the new table I had raised from middle position to 3x with 77s. I got 3 bet and I ended up going all in pre flop to get snap called by AAs. I flopped a 7 and took down a massive pot to put me in top 3 chip counts. From hereon I played very tight and didn’t make any moves. On the other table Michael busted 2 players at once and were down to final table of 9. 8 got paid and hence it was also BUBBLE time. Jagadeesh was very short stacked and shoved with A5 and got called by Victor with QQ. The bubble was busted and we broke for Day 2. I finished the day with 108,500 and 3rd in chips behind Karan and Hussain.

Final table to be continued in Part B

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Amant Nauhria

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