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PokerGuru Tour – The Main Event Shipment.

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-09-06 at 12:00 AM

Finally, Finally I ship a tourney and not just final table it.And what an occassion to do it, the PokerGuru Main Event, which was the featured event of the series. It also paid the highest ever payout for the first place for a 25k main event and a really sick silver trophy. (Thats for mom).

The main event for me was really swingy.I started off strong, picking up a 3 barrel bluff with middle pair and was staked up when I lost a huge pot and got crippled to about 3k at 50-100. From then on it was a massive grind as I had to chip up and start from the scratch. By the first break I almost managed to reach 12k, winning a few pots here and there.

At this stage I need to admit that I ran pretty good during this stage. I won all the 60-40’s and even cracked Aces with my Jacks once.

Once the final table started, the clock was moved back to guarantee an average of 40bb on the final table. Although I went in with a 20 bb stack it was a enough to fight it out. The final table was really tough with a few very good players in there. (shows how good structures help). Bryan Huang, Rohit Bhalla, Tushar Makhija, Prabhat Mukherjee, Kavin shah were still in and was stacked up.

The first hand of the final table, Tushar opens from UTG +1 and I 3 bet him from MP1. Folded around and Tushar shoves which I Insta call. I had AQdd and he had 44. I win that pot and was sitting on an average 40 BB stack. This pot gave me a little breathing space, and I was able to open a few pots towards the end. I ended day 1 with a 30bb stack at 2k-4k 500 ante which was a pretty good stack.

Day 2 dint start off the way I expected it to as I got delayed at the Jetty and got blinded out 3 hands before I could get to the final table. We were 8 handed at this time. The 2nd hand I play, I pick up A9ss on the cut off, I raise to 8.5 k and Prabhat on the BB who is at 38k flats. Now, Prabhat is an online player and understands stack sizes. So I knew that he was flatting to stop n go. On a flop of 456 rainbow, Prabhat open shoves and I snap. He shows K7cc for an open ender and I show A high. He hits the 3 on the turn and doubles up.

Now I was the shortest stack on the Final table, with about 9 bb’s. I stole a few blinds and managed to get it upto 120k. On my next bb, Bryan Huang shoves from the cut off with J9o and I call with AKss and it holds to win the bounty on him. I also look forward to a 15 minute coaching session with Bryan which I won.

I was the 2nd chip lead at this stage with about 280k in chips. This is when the biggest pot of the tournament took place. Hussain who was the chipleader with about 320K, Open shoves for 32bb and I look down at TT. I knew Hussain had a very wild open shoving range, however it was a huge equity spot as the winner of that pot is virtualy gauranteed the first place. I thought I will go with my read and called off.Hussain shows AJdd and my TT hold up for a huge pot.

From this point on there was no looking back as I was opening a lot of hands and picking up blinds and antes when we were 3 handed. Once Rohit got eliminated in the 3rd place, Prabhat took the chip lead with about 650k and I had about 450k.

Heads up was pretty interesting and the idea was to avoid huge pots. I slowly started chipping up, picking up small pots and bluffs. Once Prabhat chipped down to about 9BB , I open shoved Q5cc from the button and Prabhat calls with K7hh. I turn the flush with Prabhat drawing dead and me winning the Main event.

I could have never done this without the support from my team and the learning I had in our grind sessions. Special mention to my mentor Intervention who was railing me throughout the final table and giving me tips during breaks and keeping me confident.

And for this weeks edition, Intervention says , “Well done son.”

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Sangeeth Mohan

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