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Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-09-09 at 12:00 AM

PokerGuru tour had its inaugural edition last weekend, we had a total of 3 events -5k rebuy, 25k main event and 10k turbo with 1 re-entry. the 5k rebuy got a field of 82 players and had 4 Lakhs for 1st place and the 25k main event had 76 people and had a whopping 7 Lakhs for 1st place, these were one of the highest prizepools for such buy-ins and giving everything back to players with added money to the pool and pure silver trophies given to winners made it one of the best value series to be ever held in India.

Of course, this was just a taste for the people to see what PokerGuru Tour (PGT) is all about, ideally we would have liked to do one more event before the yr end but with peak tourist season starting in Goa and the calendar already filled with other series we have decided to wait till next yr.

We are looking for feedback to improve our events and if anyone has any suggestions/comments please let us know through our forum and we will definitely work on the feedback. Everyone who attended the PGT seemed very pleased with our structures (I believe we have the best structures) and the guarantees on each event along with the trophies to winners. I firmly believe we will be setting benchmarks which will improve tournament poker in India, with other organizers who will now start putting up guarantees as well as copying our structures for events (there are still tournaments held in India without antes?!?!?!, no ante tournaments are pretty much outdated and they are not a single International tournament which doesn’t have an ante in its blind structure). This will be good for the players as they will be more catered too as a result of competition, I feel the players have been ignored a lot and we at PGT will be changing all that. I am really excited about next yr when PGT comes back with a bang with more events, bigger guarantees and a lot more surprises.

We will also be making some big announcement and changes to PokerGuru really soon, so keep following the site to get the scoop, I promise everyone will really like what we have in store.

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Aditya Agarwal

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