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Post Diwali Weekend

Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-11-18 at 12:00 AM

Hi Friends,

I hope that everyone enjoyed d biggest festival. After a hectic last seven days, finally got some time for my passion POKER.

Played online few tourneys on Thursday, nothing much to mention except that in one time bound tourney ($11 – 15 minutes) got $70+. Easy game three people shoving preflop to your rockets on BB, but could not play online after that as enjoyed two days of live poker home game.

A group of friends play poker regularly every weekend, and, i was invited quiet a few times, but somehow due to time constraint was never able to make it. But, finally this Friday, i reached there. Charming Bandra (ppl who have stayed at bandra vl know why bandra is such a charming place), well decorated house, neat setup for playing poker n good people to play with, immediately i was in love with it.

Started of with 10k in an hour was down by 4 buy-ins, lost continuous flips, AK vs 88, AQ vs AK, AJss vs AA. Was playing cash games like tourney.

Took a double buy-in of 20K, changed d game plan, and at the end of the day got up wid a stack of 112K (52k profit). Won quiet few games but all big ones, where in i could show skill n trap, to mention few of them, hit my set of eights on d flop, wherein had entered in the pot with a flat call of 4k preflop raise by an aggressive player on button, c/c d flop, turn was a paycard K, check/raise n stacked him on d river. Flat called in position a 1700 preflop raise by OOP with 2c4c, flop had two clubs, on turn completed my straight giving OOP the top set, rag river, OOP bets heavily, i took my time to raise n put him allin, and he insta called putting me on a bluff saying that my busted flush draw is no good against his top set, and was shocked to see my straight, cursing me for entering in the hand with such JUNK Hand.

The day seem no different, was playing almost the same table, and in half an hour was down by 4 buy-ins. Got in again with a double buy-in (20K), and at the end of prolonged session (as a precautionary measure to avoid any disturbance on way back home due to sad demise of Bala saheb) got up with a stack of 175K (profit of 115K). Same story, few hands but big pots made my day, and to top it now i had some read on the players i was playing with, so could exploit the aggressive ones and walked out of difficult situations with nit players. Entered in a preflop raised pot with AJss, the flop was J26 no spades, flatted the initial raiser on the flop (I was in middle postion with one more flat caller in LP), the King on the turn, and the initial raiser bets half of his stack, I tank fold, LP flats, and with rag river both players are allin, showdown makes me happy as due to my decision of flatting the flop, i folded on turn since i was not pot committed, as both players flopped d sets deuces versus sixes. However, in another hand, won runner runner flush, again busting a top set, and a huge pot in H/L Omaha, wherein, i had d better full house.

Today, its a tourney day, 30K buy-in (deep stack). Need your good wishes friends, as i love tourneys, specially deep stacks. Will try to implement all my sessions of PGMP. And will post the result in my next blog, till then, good bye, enjoy all.

P.S.: Needless to mention that my friend and his wife have been a very good host, and we were served with delicious food. And to top it, these games which i played were rake free (realized how the rake effects your bottom line at the end of the day)

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Sweetu Bansal

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