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Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-10-06 at 12:00 AM

WCOOP ended last weekend, I ended up cashing 0 wcoop events and had no runs in any event. Infact in most of the higher buyins I got completely crushed playing like a tight nit. I was lucky enough to chop the big 162 for 27k last Saturday otherwise it could have been lot worse. In the end I lost around 20k which I feel its OK considering I played most of the higher buyins and didnt run the best in the deep runs I had, but it would def have more satisfying to get a few runs atleast.

WCOOP main was looking good, I waited and hunted for a soft table to late reg into and got a decent table/seat. I was down to 12k but had a good run and was able to chip up to 40k before going card/spot dead for 2 hrs and then loosing AJ vs 77 the frist time I was allin. Played decently well in the main and was pretty happy for most part, small prizepool with 1.8mill for 1st.

I did realize I need to put in lot of work to be crushing at HSMTT again, I hvnt been a regular for almost 2 yrs now, playing most of the bigger buyin only on Sundays, but now that I am back I am ready to battle again. You have to keep working hard and improving each day and an extended break can really leave you behind when your competition is constantly improving. I put in lot of work during wcoop and have been this week as well. I feel the results I will be getting in next few mnths would just not have been possible a mnth back, already I feel much more confident and way more positive starting each session (actually feel like I can win). Plan for October is to put in lot of volume everyday and continue improving, I have pretty much nothing else on my mind for now but to put in as much time as I can into poker for next cpl mnths.

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Aditya Agarwal

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