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Post WSOP update

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2014-09-08 at 12:00 AM

So I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have been active on twitter, u guys can follow me at [url]https://twitter.com/AdiAgarwal_int[/url]

Post WSOP, I came back home and started playing online. I had planned to go to Macau but then I decided that since its the 100th EPT at Barcelona, it would be a better idea to go play that (travelling expenses were too much to make both the trips, plus had to get European Visa). So I skipped Macau and sent in my application to get Schengen visa with cpl weeks of time in hand to get it done. However I didn’t get my Visa on time and had to cancel my tickets and stuff (lost out on about 2500 between stay and flights, had to change my tickets cpl times as well). This was extremely frustrating since EPT Barcelona turned out to be one of the biggest tournaments of the yr with it crushing all field size records. I ended up playing pretty tilted online during the 7-10 day period I was waiting on my visa and went on a downswing playing like shit, completely deserved that. At this point I decided to screw Barcelona and just go to US to play SHRPO 10mill gtd and WPT Borgata. However, I was yet to get back my passport from the embassy who were still reviewing my Schengen visa application. I had almost given up hope when I finally got my passport on the day of my US flight and was able to make in just in time for the SHRPO, a day later and I cudnt have come and would have taken another big hit on my tickets/hotels and stuff. It was all worth it though, as the tournament was absolutely great and I thought I played really well, even though I was pretty jet lagged and almost on no sleep for most of the tournament. Def gonna try and get few days earlier for these big events when I am flying so far for them, obviously this time I had no choice but gonna make an effort to come at least 2 days before I got to start playing. As everyone knows the tournament had a 2.5 mill overlay which is 15 crores making it sick value. I ended up getting 30th for 39k (29k after tax =/), I was feeling pretty good and def felt I was gonna make a deeper run, but lost KK vs QQ and QQ vs KK and finally busted when i reshoved 21bbs with 66 into 99, was a pretty tough last day. Was very disappointing tbh.

After Miami I had a nice lil break where I went and stayed with my frnd at tampa and then went to Connecticut for a frnd’s wedding which was a lot of fun, my first American wedding. On the wedding day we started with playing 18 holes of golf which took close to 4 hrs, followed by shooting guns and grilling for 2 hrs, than we went back, checked into hotel close to venue (since we were gonna get really hammered) and got dressed up for the wedding. Drank a lot and danced a lot, [url]http://imgur.com/gmbiucc[/url], from towards the end of the reception.

Yesterday, we drove down to Atlantic City and will be here till the end of my trip, I have a flight back on the 19th straight from here to Mumbai, WPT final table is on 19th, so unless I final table the event I shud be in Mumbai to grind the last 2 weekends of WCOOP. Got two tournaments that I am going to be playing in Borgata, first one being the 360$ 1 mill gtd with 5 starting flights over 3 days, shud get more around 4-5k people and shud be paying over 200k for first (thts what I hv been told, not entirely sure on tht but I do think the 500 here last week with similar structure got 4k people) and the second tournament is 3500 re-entry wpt starting next weekend, shud be pretty massive as well a soft field (lot of good players will be in skippin this for wcoop). I will hv some free time, since I am just playing these two and I might go play some cash in downtime or play online on these NJ sites, but def gonna try to be playing something.

Will be tweeting during these Borgata tournies. Also gl to all Indian grinders during wcoop, feel free to post hands here [url]https://pokerguru.in/forum/forumdisplay.php?19-Hand-Advice[/url], will definitely be spending more time on the forums next cpl weeks.

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Aditya Agarwal

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