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Predictions: SpartanPoker.com Bankroll Challenge

Posted by Rohit Bhalla on 2015-09-05 at 12:00 AM

Hi All,

It’s been an exciting week for us here at Spartan and PokerGuru since the time my previous blog was published. A total of 60 players applied for this challenge over four days, and I would like to applaud each and every one of them for their enthusiastic response and support to this initiative.

Long hours were spent in stimulating conversations with all applicants, and even longer time spent deliberating the varied strengths of each one of them. But at last we reached upon this list, of our very first participants, for [B]The Spartanpoker.Com Bankroll Challenge:[/B]


As is the case with any keenly contested competition, there is always some speculation and debate before it begins, and so it was when we finally had the list of participants in front of us. All of us argued vociferously in support of the players we picked as favorites, and I expect this would continue to remain an intriguing topic of discussion in the poker community for this month.

Keeping this in mind, I thought let me list down my picks in 3 separate categories. If nothing else, just to be able to re-visit this 30 days from now, and stare at bewilderment. So here goes:

[B][U]The Contenders:[/U][/B]

1. ‘boronyx’ – level headed, experienced and highly capable

2. ‘blackhawks’ – studious, hard-worker and very consistent

3. ‘uncle’ – analytical, realistic and cool headed

[B][U]The Underdogs:[/U][/B]

1. ‘iamfish’ – unknown in poker circuits, not so much at the online felts though

2. ‘legolass55’ – the only Indian female poker player brave enough to take this challenge head-on

3. ‘chen’ – amateur player unfamiliar with online poker, but driven by a competitive spirit

[B][U]The Dark Horses:[/U][/B]

1. ‘isildur_k’ – consistent tourney performer taking the right approach towards cash games

2. ‘bunkksterr’ – long time athlete and poker aficionado, high octane action on the felt

3. ‘polorize’ – focused on the job at hand, following a plan to perfection

In case you would also like to share your impressions on these challengers or others, please do so in the comments section below, or maybe start your own discussion thread and share with us. All in all, a most interesting September awaits us all poker players.

Good luck at the tables!

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Rohit Bhalla

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