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Procrastinating ONLINE POKER :P

Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-09-07 at 12:00 AM

Been a while since I blogged but more concerning is it’s almost 12 days since I played a real money hand online. Played few small FPP tourneys but that just what has been my outing in poker online in the recent days.

Primary reason for me playing less online has been a lot of LIVE action around. I have being playing a lot but none of it online. After playing in these games around a month and even having had only one losing session (that too less than 1 BI) I don’t feel like they are worth the effort to sit there and grind 6 hrs daily. The games are utterly badly organized mostly how a HOMEGAME runs. No Knowledge on when to act on their turn. Asking advice from others even after repeated WARNING during a hand and worse of all they are making me PASSIVE SMOKERS, which is the most –EV spot for me.

What good comes out of the games is I generated enough to give the upcoming 3 Event series in GOA casinos a shot. These games for me were anyway coming at an end since I sold a package for Mini-FTOPS and WCOOP which starts tomorrow so I will try playing ONLINE a little bit today to get back into the grind.

Also as everyone who plays poker a bit would say LIFE/HEALTH comes first and POKER later can very much be glad after seeing my kitchen. My valet was also not too glad on me “spewing” two Goa BI in the supermarket lol.

Talking about spews spend like 4k FPP in August VIP (Hoddies are worth it sadly none my size :'( ) store plus didn’t want to spend all my FPP so gave a friend $’s to buy a bit unnecessarily expensive gift for Dad for his birthday .

I lost around 1k of my side roll primarily in .5/1 deep ante cash games so that might also have been a reason i didn’t grind online. Three stacks were sick coolers within an hour..Always KK into AA. First two times i was the one who shoved bt the last time i almost folded to his 6 bet shove but then I voice in the head says “cant be again can it”. Reason i say i could have got away is i have like 20k hands on the guy. Rose through the ranks together and he is a confirmed knit lol.

Challenge BR update


Up only like 30$ from the August 9 update.

So hoping my next update is shipping something big in the package and gl to all playing FTOPS and WCOOP.

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