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Putting theory to practice

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2012-11-13 at 12:00 AM

2 weeks past the start of PGMP and a new poker player with the SN antilog. I bet people who made notes (if any:P) on me will have to throw it down to trash and start from scratch again J. A lot of activity on the skype group and the PG forum. Feels like vast knowledge awaiting to flow in as soon I switch on my computer. With just 2 lessons, people have already started showing huge results and more coming along no doubt. Congrats DV for the great win!!!

Well, as far as my online grind, I haven’t been able to put in a lot of volume this month so far. Been a little busy at work and partying on weekends. Too sleepy when I sit to play and that hasn’t been good so far.. Even the connection with stars has been quite tilting. But, there is a still a lot of days in this month, I am all set to put in volume (at least 25 games a day) to boost my BR again as well as continue my silverstar status which I got last month.

Few changes I have incorporated in my play so far would be opening with a plan, 3-betting a lot and 3-betting against selected players. Picking up spots while 3-betting is really important and I realized it when I was spewing my chips and busting from a decent position by just 3-betting whoever I liked. Still a lot to learn in this domain but at least I have moved a lil ahead of where I was.

I remember 1 conversation I had with Prabhat sometime back. It went something like this.
[I][B]Prabhat[/B]: You could’ve shoved this. And this. And this.
[B]Me[/B]: I just shoved the previous hand and got called. They saw I shoved with J5 (or some similar junk). Am I not getting called more often?
[B]Prabhat[/B]: Just because they see you shove J5 doesn’t mean they are going to call you with J6. Stop levelling yourself.[/I]

At these micros, we are the only one playing mind games with ourself, rest are playing ABC poker. Its better we pick right spots and let them think whatever they want to. Agreed that we run into mosters a lot of times but we get away richer a lot more and the pleasure in stealing (pre/post) with junk is unexpressable.
Later with some more gyaan! 😉

Happy Diwali guys!!!

[U]P.S: Date a Patakha… don’t burst one :D[/U]

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Sahil Agarwal

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