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Quick Update and PokerGuru Mentorship Program

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-04-19 at 12:00 AM

Quick update on, what’s been going on. Since my last blog, I have been in Goa the entire time and have playing some live and some online. I also have been going to gym 4 times a week and have seen some overall improvement in fitness and stamina, hopefully I can continue this and I should be in perfect shape in few months. Poker lifestyle is pretty unhealthy and it has been a good routine to get into, for the most part, my day revolved around going to the gym.
I did play some of the tournies here in Goa with not much success. Online as well not much has happened except for my 60th place finish in the million this Sunday. We were all supposed to go to Philippines but some people backed out and it is a pretty busy schedule in May (PGT, UPC and APT) and even though everyone really wanted to go (was an awesome trip last time around) some of us decided to skip the event last minute. There is still good Indian representation with Samohh, Goindi, Amit Varma, Amit Jain, Bobbe Suri and few others down there. *
I will be playing the 25k main and 50k highroller of the Aces series this weekend and then heading back home to kolkata till PGT in May. We are still finalizing our plans for WSOP and Vegas, hopefully we can actually get things done in time this time, still got to coordinate people confirming, visas, tickets, accommodation, transferring cash among other things.

PokerGuru Mentorship Program:

There have been a lot of requests for people to learn Multi Table Tournaments from our pros. There has also been a lot of new talent that I have seen come into the poker scene, as well as there are have been several promising new up comers who have shown lot of talent and promise. We also want to increase the strategy discussion on the site and have people come to PokerGuru as a source of knowledge along with latest news and information. We have decided to pick 15-20 of the most appropriate candidates to be part of *this program and learn from our pros. *I have also decided 5 people who will be in this program and will pick the rest from the forum thread. I will be co-coordinating the coaching which will last for 3 months, during this 3 months there will be atleast once a week skype session and discussion and throughout the week there will be hand history reviews. We will stake the best students who come out of the program after 3 months, during this 3 months we will stake the group for occasional small tournaments as well. I would obviously want anyone who is looking to apply to be aware that we want complete commitment towards PokerGuru from anyone who gets picked, if you have affiliation to any other brand or would want to be non binded down, should not apply to join this program. We are not looking to waste time on anyone who is not gonna be representing the site and being part of the PokerGuru exclusively, also we would not anyone to go on his own after we teach them. So think things over before you apply.

I have linked a thread where people can apply, I will be contacting people personally through this thread, please put in any information which might help ur case to be selected. Also mention how often you can play, what stakes u play, what u to do improve ur game etc etc *I am not looking for people who are not looking to make poker there primary source of income, so if you already not playing at some pro level please do no apply (means you freshman college kids!)

Apply here: [url]https://pokerguru.in/forum/showthread.php?1198-PokerGuru-Mentorship-Program&p=8297#post8297[/url]

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Aditya Agarwal

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