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Rant 2

Posted by Hardit on 2013-01-14 at 12:00 AM

Hi all…. i was travelling last week and had a super fun week at my hometown with frns and family but couldn’t be active on pgmp and poker in general..

Only poker i played was on my onward journey to Bhopal and it turned out to be a massively expensive journey and i mean it when i say massive.. last blog i updated you guys that i after running bad for a long time i finally hit profit playing cash online.. well as it turn out that was an exception to the overall bad run i have been having.. i played only twice last week and literally got raped… no matter what i hit not what i do i just kept losing. one time i freaking shoved on top set got called by a flush and straight draw and lost both times we ran.. the funny part is one time i had hit quads on the turn and the opponent sucked out on me with a straight flush on the river.. it took me a while to understand what had happened :confused:.

But i have decided to keep going despite all the bad run.. the way i look at it this is my stress test.. I think this is the most vital experience in poker that i need to have if i ever want to make any long term decisions related to poker. i have been playing for about 5-6 year now but i never stuck around for a major bad run.. So this time i am planning to see this trough and hopefully not perish in the process..

Live cash games here in Bangalore seemed to have dried up .. there hasn’t been a good game in a long time now.. i am hoping that was just coz of the party season and the action kicks back soon..

well there is nothing much to say so adieu till the next blog.. best of luck to all of you who like me are trying to deal with variance..

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