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Posted by Hardit on 2013-01-02 at 12:00 AM

Sup guys.. wish you all a very happy new year.. may all ur pots be monster wins.. well nothing much to tell from last couple of weeks.. party season has put all the Poker players off the felt i guess..

at the new years party i realized that a new year party is so much like mtts.. u rarely get the perfect party .. early hrs of the party are just as boring as the pre ante game and when things speed up then also u are not sure if u are gonna end well.. But when it does end well it really is amazing…

I have been playing a lot online … mostly Omaha cash though.. i leaned in to the pain i spoke of in my last blog.. and what did i find.. well more pain i kept going and then i found some more pain.. i found myself standing at the bad end of the variance for a larger part of the previous month.. but the at the end things turned around and i came though with a profit ..

During this ordeal i often wondered that as a poker player bad run cannot be avoided, but can it be manipulated? something like playing lower stakes and tighter when u are running bad and then moving up to bigger stakes when things turn around. I did do it this time played 25c-50c when i was running bad played a couple of days and then the day i was not getting sucked out at i shifted straight to $1-$2. Turned out well this time. I guess doing some hit and trial i will find my mechanism of defense for the variance. The underlying importance thing remains keep making positive ev plays. So adieu till the next one share your defense mechanism against the variance in comments. cheers…

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