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Recapping my DPT February 2019 Experience

Posted by Laksh Pal Singh on 2019-02-12 at 11:35 AM

Yo guys, happy to be blogging again. It’s been a good start to the year for me. I’ve had a pretty decent run online, been grinding hard and putting in the hours. It was a hectic month with IOPC, so I felt like a change from online. I made a last minute plan to come down to Goa to play the Deltin Poker Tournament.

I got in on Thursday afternoon and jumped straight into the first event- 15k NLH Deep dive. I ran up to 3x starting stack in the first few levels but got into an unfortunate spot where I lost with top pair against a flush in a 4 bet pot. Eventually busted K10s to 99 around 20 away from the money. All good though, just a warm up for the main event!

I took two bullets in the main event. Day 1A was slow, couldn’t really get much going and eventually busted jacks to aces. I caught up on some sleep and woke up fresh and well rested for day 1B where I got off to a good start in the first few levels. I was involved in a lot of hands and managed to take down a few decently sized pots to reach 2x SS after which I won an all in with AK against AQ and reached up to 3x starting stack. I maintained that stack for the next few levels but the last 3 levels were extremely swingy. I remember making a super light call with Ace high where I lost a decent chunk of my stack. Probably should’ve taken a bit more time there. I lost a few more unfortunate hands after which I went down to 10bb. On the last level I doubled up with AJ against A3 and managed to bag 20bb.

We entered day 2 with 41k starting at 1200/2400. I managed to run up my stack to 130k in the first level. Won an all in with jacks against AK. Then this Russian guy limps UTG, I isolate him with 88. Flop 722 he check shoves with Q7 and we call him off to scoop a big pot. After that I was cruising. Opening a lot, picking up small pots here and there and reached about 250k which was a healthy stack. Maintained my stack for a bit but then lost a massive flip AQ to JJ. After that just lost successive pots and finally was really short around the bubble. Maybe one of the shortest stacks. We made the money with 10 bigs and then tried to spin it up. We managed to double but finally busted in 24th 99 to 1010 for 36bb bringing our main event hopes to an end.

It was a good run, and I was satisfied with the way I played. I don’t have much live tournament experience and that is why I come for most tournaments in Goa. I feel like it gives you the experience required before you can take that step and start travelling internationally. It was a nice vibe at DPT and it was nice to see some new faces and younger players making the trip to come play the tournament. The field was decently soft with a diverse set of players. It’s always nice to chill with different players on our rest days and go for good meals, relax on the beach, refresh our minds. I’m definitely planning to come back here for the next DPT. Until then, back to the online grind with SSS starting this week.

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Laksh Pal Singh

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