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Recapping my recent DPT run and preparing for EPT Sochi Next

Posted by Jayjit Ray on 2019-02-23 at 10:57 AM

What’s up guys? I am writing on my recent DPT experience. IOPC just ended and with DPT approaching I could not squeeze out a break and continued with the online grind and studying. I played all the events at DPT except for the bounty tournament.

I did not do well in the 15k kickoff tournament. I lost TT vs AK and then lost on a one card straight board with a straight against the nut straight. Then I entered the 65k Highroller and lost a bullet during level 6 of the tournament and immediately bought into the tournament again. I sat on a new table and won two hands including a big pot where I opened at 300/600 to 1200 From early position with JT off and cutoff called. The small blind made a small 3-bet to 3500. I called and cutoff also called. We were all 60k deep. Flop came JT7 rainbow. Small blind c bet 7500. I raised it to 20500. Cutoff folded. Small blind went all-in. I called. He had KK. Turn river bricked and I won a huge pot of almost 120k. After this I got shifted to a new table and I bagged a little over 100k at the end of Day 1.

Day 2 went pretty well for me. I was playing solid and won a few pots here and there and ran my stack up to 360k until when we were down to 14 people (11 paid) and I was second in chip lead. Here I lost 70% of my stack in one hand against Abhishek Goindi, the eventual winner of the tournament. The blinds were 5k/10k and everyone folded and Goindi limped from small blind. I picked up AK off on the big blind and raised it to 30k and he immediately shoved 200k on me. I snapped and he caught a 9 on the river with his A9 suited. I got crippled and with the blinds increasing I got down to 3BB on the stone bubble and it was deja vu for me as it started to remind me of my WPT Main Event bubble. But I was fortunate this time and doubled up with QQ and Mayank Jaggi stone bubbled on the other table. Then I took another double up and reached the FT with 20BBs.

The final table did not go well for me as I did not last a round and was involved in a setup hand where I had AK suited and the other guy had AA and the chips went in preflop.

Immediately after busting the Highroller the only option open for me was to play flight 1C of the Main Event and that too registering towards the later stages of play. So no surprises here that nothing much happened for me in the Main.

Overall this DPT was much softer and the field size was also smaller. Too bad I could not capitalize this DPT. There were some new talents like my GPL team partner and winner of the IOPC millionaire Jai Saha. He was playing solid and aggressively. With DPT over I am back to my online grind and preparing myself for my second live international tournament at EPT in Sochi. I am really excited for it. With that I take my leave. See you guys next time with another blog!

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Jayjit Ray

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