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Rediscovering the Joy.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-10-15 at 12:00 AM

Remember when you first started playing poker. Poker was (to borrow the term from the fake Isildur blog response to Galfond’s) teen patti + 2 cards (3 + 2 cards) game i.e 5 card teen patti. (In the fake blog; plo was humorously described as nlhe+2 cards:-) We used to play it for fun and entertainment or an added variation to our home “teen patti” games. It was thrilling to win, but not so bad if you lose.

Then we started to learn the nuances of the game. How every decision counts and how attentive one must be and how we must calculate the odds and how it is a mathematical exercise? Once we started learning it, we understood that the game requires a deep skill set. With this realization, came the pressure to perform, to make the right decision and also came the disappointments when we play bad or run bad and we lose money.

As regular readers of my blog know, I have started proper grinding of MTT’s from October. The weekly volume is slowly increasing. In MTT’s, there are very few good day’s interspersed with a lot of disappointing days where we lose money. The time frame of losing even after being +EV can extend from days to months or in some cases at higher stakes where edges are really small can extend to a year as well. I found it difficult initially to accept playing every day for hours and end up losing. It kind of used to depress me. A fear of having a losing session again used to surface and this kind of made me detest it. Suddenly poker was not fun any more. I had to do some introspection. It led me to discover that I worry too much about BR and ROI and going bust. This is stopping me from enjoying my poker.

Thus I kind of resolved around mid-week that I am not going to bother about these things much. I feel good about my MTT game. I think I am playing decent as well. There will be leaks and mistakes for sure. I will definitely work at plugging them via forums and HH reviews and such. Results will take care of themselves. If they don’t go in the right direction, f**k ‘em. I am going to enjoy this game and I am going to enjoy playing it. For semi-amateurs like me, it is also easy to do this i.e. to not bother about results. It is not life changing levels that I am playing at anyways. Then why so serious, son? 😉

I had a losing week. I played around 40 games (which is lol volume wise for pro mtt-ers). My target is to double it i.e. 80 games a week. I had a couple of deep runs. One cruel 22nd place finish where my AK couldn’t hold against AJ for a huge pot to cripple me. But I enjoyed playing and this is what I am going to do (to enjoy it). Make the +EV decisions, be creative (hopefully not spazzy::-) and if in some trouble spot, forum it as usual.

For players going through a bad run and who feel stressed about it and who feel discontent with it, remember what got you in the game in the first place. Rediscover the joy of playing.

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

PS: Am excited about the PG micro series concept. Check it out:


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Vinay Suchede

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