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regareding staking

Posted by sujay singh on 2014-05-10 at 12:00 AM

hello sir,
i am Sujay “clownofcards”singh playing on stars since 2011.
i am regular at tables and play micro stakes (0.50$ 180max and 1$ 180max sng) and i also play micro tourney. till today i am not much in profit but i have learned a lot about the game.
i am looking forward for staking. i know my stats a not worth staking but i want someone to show faith in me.
i am asking to stake me for SNG and i will follow acoimbra’s 100k challange to build my bankroll.
so please sir stake me only 100$ and i will play on strict BRM and mako my bankroll.
i am fully dedicated for playing poker. i will refersh my sharkscope stats once i start playing on the stakers fund.and stakers can see my graphs on sharkscope.
i will split 50-50 in the profit once i bulid my bankroll.’
please show faith in me. i will never let the staker down.

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sujay singh

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