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Robusto June?

Posted by sunny sen on 2012-06-13 at 12:00 AM

June has been going a bit weird. Teeing off from previous post, i started June about 6k in the hole, but had a spanking Saturday and Sunday to make a strong comeback. 3 tabled a reg at 2/4 on Sunday and ran pretty good versus him and he spewed off majorly in the end and I ended up 10Bis and in the green for June.

This is the hand that started the spew, in the past 20 mins villain has been 3 betting 70%+ , so i adjusted by 4 betting him polarized deep.

[B]PokerStars – $4 NL (2 max) – Holdem – 2 players[/B]
[I][URL=”http://www.pokertracker.com”]Hand converted by PokerTracker 3[/URL][/I]

[B]Hero (SB): $1084.30[/B]
[B]BB: $940.80[/B]

[B]Hero [/B]posts SB $2.00, [B]BB[/B] posts BB $4.00

[B]Pre Flop:[/B] [I]($6.00)[/I] [B]Hero[/B] has Jh 8h
[/COLOR][COLOR=black][B]Hero [/B]raises to $12.00[/COLOR], [B]BB[/B] raises to $40.00, [B]Hero[/B] raises to $92, [B]BB[/B] calls $52

[B]Flop:[/B] [I]($184.00, 2 players)[/I] Td 8c 5h
[COLOR=black][B]BB [/B]checks[B], Hero[/B] bets $82, [/COLOR][COLOR=black][B]BB[/B] calls $82.00[/COLOR]

[B]Turn:[/B] [I]($348. 00, 2 players)[/I] Jc
[COLOR=black][B]BB[/B] checks, [B]Hero[/B] [/COLOR][COLOR=black]bets $176.00, [B]BB[/B] calls $176.00[/COLOR]

[B]River:[/B] [I]($700.00, 2 players)[/I] Kc
[B]BB [/B]bets $590.80 and is all in, [B]Hero[/B] calls $590.80

[B]BB[/B] mucks Qd Kd
[B]Hero[/B] shows Jh 8h

After speaking to a few people decided not to multi-table regs at 2/4 at the moment, but instead playing everything between 50 and 200 and bumhunting 2/4.

Had a very fun match at 50nl versus a super aggro russian who proceeded to donate close to 10bis, match was very swingy though due to his super aggro style.


Uploaded with [URL=”http://imageshack.us”]ImageShack.us[/URL]

Also a very good 2/4+ reg at Stars –> “sex**fun**time***” has started sitting me a ton at 100, we’ve played about 3 sessions this month and he has been owning me upto this point. I havent yet got a grasp on some of the things he is doing. And of course he is the 100% min raiser pre, and half potting everything post, a type i usually i detest playing against.

Heres a heart-break soulread which got washed out on the river:

PokerStars, $0.5/$1 No Limit Hold’em Cash, 2 Players

[B]Hero (SB): $114[/B]
[B]BB: $144.20 [/B]

[B]Preflop[/B]: Hero is SB with 4c 5d
[COLOR=red]Hero raises to $3[/COLOR], [COLOR=red]BB raises to $10[/COLOR], Hero calls $7

[B]Flop[/B]: ($20) 8h Ac 8d[COLOR=blue] (2 players)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]BB bets $11[/COLOR], Hero calls $11

[B]Turn[/B]: ($42) 5[COLOR=blue]c (2 players)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]BB bets $24[/COLOR], Hero calls $24

[B]River[/B]: ($90) 6h[COLOR=blue] (2 players)[/COLOR]
BB checks, Hero checks

[B]Results:[/B] $90 pot ($0.50 rake)

Final Board: 8h Ac 8d 5c 6h
Hero mucked 4c 5d and lost (-$45 net)
BB showed 3c 6c and won $90 ($44.50 net)

Pre is loose, but he was 3betting a ton, flop is a float with position and backdoor double gutter (LOL?) which i planned on jamming, and more importantly position, turn is the major soulread call, but BLAHH RIVER !!!

One irritating thing about this month is that i have been starting every session being down 3-4 BIs within the first 45 mins. So almost everyday has been a comeback day which is really not how i would want things to go . Need to look at what is going on there, but havent had much time to go through my DB as work has been very very hectic.

Also Prometheus sucks, but dibakar and shanghai rock !!

till next time
-sunny (operating on 5 hours-a-day sleep for June)

PS: anybody needs any advise on cash games feel free to pm, i’ve answered most (all) of the pms i got …

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sunny sen

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