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Roller-coaster Ride

Posted by shashank.s on 2012-09-14 at 12:00 AM

That’s exactly what the month of August was for me …….. A Roller-coaster Ride !!!!!
A month that showed me the highs & the lows of MTT’s …….. I had deep runs & the first level bust outs ….. I gave bad beats & got dealt bad beats ….. I played well & played terribly bad.The month was two sided, one half was great & the other was terrible.

I have been playing a lot of Re-buy Turbos for the last 3 months & it seemed to be profitable, its definitely high variance & last month the variance hit me. I had created kind of a schedule for myself, where in I play the re-buys & the turbos on weekdays & most of the micro & low stakes Big & Bigger tournaments over the weekends. This schedule seemed to be working well for me, as i was able to sustain my bankroll over 3 months without any huge scores, while still being able to put in larger volumes than earlier.

The month started off well, scored a 24th place finish in the $2R 9K GTD 2X Turbo (on of my favourite tournaments), i followed this up with a bunch of decent runs. After this I scored my best finish after the start of PGMP, a 13th place finish in the Big 5.5. I was playing a pretty solid game & was confident that a big score was just around the corner. But from here on things started going downhill. I pretty much lost every flip over the next 10-15 day period….. seemed to be running into the absolute nuts on a regular basis & all my bluffs seems to be ill timed….. This combined with some really bad play & some uncalled NLH & PLO cash sessions, saw me loose over 80% of my BR……. The feeling of “about to go broke” was looming large.

Four months ago my next course of action would have been to take a break from poker for a while, wait out the down swing & get a fresh start. But wisdom gained from the PGMP & interaction with fellow PGMP members combined with series of blogs written by fellow PG members has taught me that working on my game regularly & identifying my leaks is the best solution to tackling the down swings. A Pocket Fives article “Dealing with Poker Downswings” by Walt Wright also helped me a quite a bit, [URL=”http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/dealing-poker-downswings-587713/”]http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/dealing-poker-downswings-587713/[/URL] (for anyone who would be interested in reading it). I have implement most of the advice from the article in my weekly schedule.

Anyways, I have reduced playing MTT’s considerably now, especially the re-buy Turbos. I have been playing $2 180 SnG’s lately. Have been trying to re-build my BR through these & have been doing decently. I will continue doing the same until I re-build my BR back.

A shout out to the India contingent at the Macau Poker Cup, some really great results for India…..
Congratulation to Sameer Rattonsey on taking down Event 6 & all the player who made the money. A special shout out to fellow PGMP member Sumit Sapra for making the FT in Event 3, proud of you Sir.

Hope all of you are doing well at the tables….

Until the next time….

Cheers !!!

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