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Run Good August

Posted by Siddarth Singhvi on 2012-08-30 at 12:00 AM

Folks- this August has been kind to me. I finally managed to ship an event, a couple of SnGs and many superrrr deep finishes in NLHE. Though the MTT win was not big in terms of score but still satisfying mainly because it was an Omaha HiLo event. I happen to learn this game from my friend Pradeep (popularly known as rashii10 online, a sickoo Omaha HiLo player). I started railing him initially a few months back and then got some tips from him on basic strategy and hand selections.

I feel that I should have got one big score this month looking at the kind of volume I had put in. If I ran a little better at the final stages of some events or if I had a proper internet backup, the results could have been a lot better. I have got the net backup issue sorted now. Anyways looking at the brighter side, I was able to remain in the positive for this month and am also confident of the fact that if I choose the right MTTs and SnGs, then things will go upwards for sure. Not sure if I will be able to put in similar volume for the next month, but will try my best. My plan is to play the Low stake MTTs, don’t intend to play the Micros as they are huge in field and hence tough to break a significant score, better would be to play the SnGs.

Also WCOOP is starting soon and its that time when we see all the pros battle it out on PS. Already watched a sick Super Tuesday FT this week which had ShaunDeeb, NSB, ImDaNuts, rivermanl and many others fighting it out. I will play the satellites to get an entry into a couple of events. If not, gonna rail some of the online legends, it’s a win-win situation both ways!!

Until then cya…..

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Siddarth Singhvi

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