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Running ok and some live Cash play

Posted by sunny sen on 2011-07-31 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys

First off a big congrats to the PokerGuru team for getting a rake free PokerStars supported tournament series going in India. Your efforts, PokerGuru, are indeed commendable, everyone needs to take a bow for sure. Hopefully this is just the first step towards bringing poker into the mainstream consciousness of the Indian public.

Unfortunately I personally would not be playing any of the events, mostly because I seldom play tourneys and also I have some prior commitments that cant be cancelled at this time. But good luck to all you poker aficionados and all you lucky bastards who get to spend 3 days gambling at the riverboat casinos of Goa.

Anyway the month of July is coming to an end and as always its a good time to review the results. So heres my graph for the month:


Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

Most of my action has been a mixture of 100 and 50 hu along with about 30% 6 max. I usually dont play much of 6 max, so my 6 max game was pretty rusty to start wit but somehow i managed to incorporate the run good mojo into the state of affairs, which of course helps a lot 🙂 (learn to hit your gutters on the turn vs top set guys).

I also managed to play a little bit of live and as always live players continue to be atrocious. This was a 50/100 (rs) game and a big leak i noticed in these games was the tendency of people to overplay hands without taking into consideration stack sizes. When you are 300bb+ deep, going broke with an overpair or TPTK type of hand is almost a crime. Playing your big one pair hands fast this deep on coordinated boards is always dangerous, more-so if pots are multiway.

300bb+ deep position is of course key and most live players have almost minimal understanding of position. Also your judgement of what kind of hands will play good postflop also comes into effect. In a loose 300bb+ cash game many good cash players would prefer to have a hand like A2s than AK going into the flop in a multiway pot. The reason of course is that you can flop multiple nutted draws with A2s than Ako. By the same token playing suited connectors and gapped or two-gapped connectors are more appealing when you are in position than out of position. Way too many players splash around with suited cards OOP, remember guys just because you see Durrrr crack Aces with his 27s on TV doesnt mean you can do it too.

Heres one os the bigger hands I played:

Villain and I are 200bb+ effective
UTG raises to 200, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 calls, hero calls, SB calls, BB calls – 6 players in, 1200 in pot

Flop Ad-2h-3h

BB Checks, UTG bets 400, UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 calls, hero raises to 1600, SB calls, BB folds, UTG folds, UTG+2 folds, 5200 in pot

From my read villains range at this point is still quite wide, He can have top pair hands with/without the Ah, flush draws, he is also capable of having a horrendous float with a gutter which is peeling the turn.

Turn Ad-2h-3h-[Qd]

SB bets 1900.

Now this is what live players tend to do when they are unsure of their hand. This is kind of like a blocking bet/trying-to-find-where-I-am-bet. At this point I am confident that he has a top pair type hand which is looking for a cheap showdown. While raising both for protection and value is ok here, I tried to keep him in the hand for one more bet and flat his turn donk. Flatting the turn also keeps my range wide in villain’s eyes and gives him an incentive to bet the river when draws miss. Also I have less than a pot sized bet going into the river so I aint too concerned.

River Ad-2h-3h-Qd-[4s]

SB bets ~7kish and is all in. Now while the 4 is not at the greatest card in the deck, this is almost always an easy call as we are usually beaten by 2 nutted hand combos. So I snapped and got shown a weirdly played A4o.

Till next time, good luck at the tables


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sunny sen

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