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Posted by sunny sen on 2012-10-02 at 12:00 AM

Worst month of the year (nut worst psychologically), and that too a month that promised much riches. Was up a bunch till mid month. Then took a shot at 5/10, got my ass handed over to me on a platinum platter, ran back to the micros with my tail (and the ego) tucked firmly between my rear-end and didnt win anything after that. Pretty much “up one day down next day and up and down” the rest of the month and ended up rakeback-proing the second half. No graphs for September as I am too sad to post it (being up 13kish by mid-month running solidly above ev and still having my ass raped could also be a risen).


Volume was huge (id guess 75%+ is the last 12 days) as i kept on playing marathon headsup sessions trying to turn the month around. But nopes nothing worked.

From min-raising to 2.5xing to limping to c-r any TP any kicker to 6 bet jamming 45o 250bb deep, to applying zeebo theorem of c-r turns on dry boards and jamming rivers (rep the nuts FTW– NOTTTT), to making massive cll downs, pretty much each and every play from that famous playbook tilted
[B][I] ” the entire spectrum of donk101 to advanced-donk HUstrategy”[/I][/B] was tried by yours truly and the only constant throughout this process was one more stack donated to the effing fishes.

Thankfully I didnt play any PLO during this stretch.

But a new month brings new hopes (and more importantly your ability to turn on the “played this month only” filter on pokertracker) and thus I proudly proclaim I’ll be back.

And September heres to you


till next time


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sunny sen

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