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Sangeeth ” Run Good” Mohan..

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-01-29 at 12:00 AM

Atleast thats what people call me now. The recent Goa trip was one pf my best trips (although no huge cashes), but results wise and in getting my confidence back. I figured out a lot of leaks in my game and I think this trip has helped me improve my post flop game a lot more. It the best feeling in the world to be in the ” beast mode” and for me it was activated almost throughout the trip.

A conversation and my take on the entire ” Run Good” scam.

Variance is a part of poker. You can be on the good side of it or the bad side. It does not depend on your day like they say in the Daily horoscope in a local newspaper. It depends on the spots you take depending on the stack sizes.

Now the conversation I over heard ” Dude this Samoh guy runs so lucky. He cracked my AKss with 94ss. I was grinding so hard and had a decent stack of 8bb with 4 people left when he shoved from the SB”.

Now lets analyze this situation. Most tournaments in Goa play out like a turbo. With the Big Blind that short and given the fact that there are 4 people left (really deep. there is too much money in the pot for me to let go off and this becomes an automatic shove for me with virtually any 2 cards.

If you have read any of the live updates you would notice I am shoving very wide into certain people with certain stacks. All my hand ranges (For opening and jamming) are based on the my position and my stack size strictly and in the long run it is a +Ev play.

So if you snap by 15 bb jam the next time with AKss and it doesnt hold, dont blame me, blame the stack size. Both yours and mine.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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