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Sauce says

Posted by sunny sen on 2012-10-17 at 12:00 AM

A couple of weeks ago, an interesting HH discussion thread started on 2p2’s HSNL forum after what seemed like ages. There was some super advise from some of the best in NL right now (kanu7, sauce123 etc). Though the exact hand itself is not that important (was a live hand), I found this words from sauce particularly intriguing:

[I]So, for example, in hand 1 when you 3bet – exactly which hands would you 3b to in this situation? Now, imagine writing that range down, and handing it to the two villains in the hand- how could they best play against that range? Now try to imagine whether you could tweak that range to beat the range which beat your first range. Now hand that range to the villains. How might they exploit that new range? Repeat.

You want to be doing some process similar to this for every decision point you have in a hand. Ask yourself: if the villain knew my strategy (but not my exact cards) how much could he do about it? And try to make it hard for him.[/I]

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sunny sen

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