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Shipping The 5 For 5 Tournament on Spartan Poker & My Daily Grind

Posted by Gokul Raj on 2019-03-02 at 1:40 PM

Hey guys, I am happy to write another blog after another good Sunday. I shipped the 5 For 5 Tournament on The Spartan Poker last Sunday and made 5 Lakhs, after a disappointing run in the Game Changer. Yeah, it was an exciting Sunday! I wanted to make it big. I had a good stack in the Game Changer, but it kind of got brutal. In the end, I managed to cash it, finished in top 100 after I lost ace-king to ace-jack when my opponent hit his jack. This happens sometimes, can’t help. Just one tournament, right?! So one has to move on. So then I started loading all other tables like the 5 For 5.

I am happy with the result and glad to post a good score. I am also glad that all the study off the tables is working out, on the tables. When you run good, and you put in hard work, it’s good to get these results.

I had an interesting final table in 5 For 5. The stack distribution was also quite interesting. I knew what I had to do, I needed to just come in the top 5 to get the maximum money out of the tournament. So yeah, I played well, avoided a few spots, folded ace-king once preflop, just to get there in top 5.

Personally so far, the grind has been good for me. I’m keeping it simple, studying in the morning, playing in the evening and yeah, I am trying to load up more tables, trying to motivate myself more to play more, trying to be sharp, mentally fit always when playing.

Since I made a decent amount of money in recent times, yeah I have just invested a lot of money in my set-up. So, I’m just looking to grind more, not traveling anywhere as such. I’m just going to stick to my online grind for a year and build a bankroll for myself, and learn more and more from Adi (Aditya Agarwal). I’ll be traveling to Goa next week, to study more with him for a week. Very excited about it, it will be a fun experience, getting a lot of scolding and learning more from him. It’s always fun. We will be learning more in upcoming days and hope we continue crushing!

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Gokul Raj

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