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SHM, OD and back to normal! Crazy start to the year!

Posted by Akshat Sharma on 2013-01-30 at 12:00 AM

Yoo! What up?!

Been a while like everyone else. Last blog was a month back and since them I’ve been pretty irregular with everything. Played a little at the start of the month which went fine. Then came along SHM.

SHM and Alesso played in town and hell yeah I was there for both. Buddies from Google hyd were also down and quite a few heavy scenes happened. Finally it felt like I had OD’ed. =P I actually did end up overdoing things and at the end of it was down with some serious eye issue. Went to the doc and he asked me to refrain from watching tv/laptop. Detox started then and I stayed at home doing nothing for the next few days.

Finally got back to playing like a couple of days back. Been playing/running super bad. I dunno! Pretty irritated for the past few days. Got print outs (since i’m not allowed to use a fuckn’ laptop!) of what we have learnt till now as adi asked me to go over it. A lotta things seem pretty standard after almost 3 months of PGMP but i’ve realized tht i’m messing up in my 25-40BB play (Especially reshoves with 20-30) and my post flop play has been ridiculous. Trying to keep in mind what we have learnt in our two post flop sessions. Decided to play only 2 tables at a time. Tried pushing to 3 but I just forget abt the concepts and end up playing pre PGMP poker. Gotta stick to 2 until it all comes naturally instead of having to think and rethink!

Apart from this, I’m planning to start studying for GMAT as i haven really been doing anything ‘productive’. Might go to Dubai for a couple of weeks to just get out of the scene and get a perspective about different things. Biggest worry is I dunno if online poker is legal there. Please do lemme kno through a comment about the situation there.
March is looking like a very eventful month with PGT, micros and a couple of brilliant gigs happening (ASOT & Tiesto). Waiting for the official dates of PGT to be out. Looking forward to chillin n smoking with the PGMP boys! And yes, play some solid poker too. =P

Till then, Cheers!

P.S: Obviously did not bink anything. But fuck tht, still a crazy start to the year!

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Akshat Sharma

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