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Sick in Sikkim

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-10-20 at 12:00 AM

Poker action wrapped up on Monday night and the plan was to leave on Tuesday for home, however, I am down with viral fever and have been in bed here for last cpl days…..although feeling much better now and should be heading back tomorrow.

The Poker went very well, I lost 70-80k in my 2nd session that I played but made 6 buyins in 100k buyin game which was the last session I played. Would have been better if the smaller games were running more often but the main focus were on the high rollers and the big game, PokerGuru will be doing a detailed article on the big game in the next cpl days along with Bollywood legend Jeetender’s experience of learning Poker and his take on the game.

In other news, I booked a decent size prop bet with one of the Delhi high stakes player on me gaining 10 kgs by Jan 31st, I got 4.5-1 on 1 Lakh and feel I should be clear favorite to win this bet, but there will be some major lifestyle changes I will have to incorporate to pull it off, basically got to stop being a degenerate and might have to do gym and stuff too.

Plan is to chill at home till November and then head to Goa for tournaments galore. Should be busy final 2 mnths of the yr.

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Aditya Agarwal

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