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Small fish , Big pond

Posted by Prateek Bhartia on 2012-11-20 at 12:00 AM

Since I last blogged, I havent really played much during the week, Havent been going to the gym either, need to get back into normal flow of things. Diwali work at home and office kept me busy through the week. Also, my parents’ 25th anniversary is coming up this Sunday, and I have planned a huge get-together for them, getting down my family and their close friends from all over India, for the weekend. So lot of IRL work, and wont be putting in too much volume this week as well.

The upside to not playing for a few days is developing the itch to get back on the tables and play a Solid game of poker. Although I did not play much during the week,I was able to compensate a bit by putting in close to 100 games in the weekend. Highlight of the week was playing my first ever Sunday Million. I sattied into the millie through a $11 turbo (100 seat gtd), which is the only satty that I play to the millie (hate those 3x turbos), and I try to play it every weekend.
So anyway, As soon as the sattelite got over, I was late regd into the Sunday Million, and my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the Millie window pop up. Before this the highest buyin I played was two 109s, out of which I sattied one, and misclick reg’d one :p . I was down to half my starting stack just bleeding chips and playing scared postflop. Felt like a small fish in a big pond.
But by now, I had OPR’d most people on my table, and realized they had worse stats than me. I then got a double up, and was back to starting stack.
Both these facts, really set my confidence up and I started opening a lot, and chipped up steadily. Got ITM with 990 players to go, and started 3betting light a few times, once with 24o,
But like Adi says “the cards dont matter as much as the spot does” .
Anyway, before I give the impression that I took down the millie, I busted out 150th, 4bet shoving 89s 20BB eff, against an agrro opponent who had 3bet me thrice in less than 15 hands,
and this time when I opened, I already planned to 4bet jam if he 3bets me, which he did. Ofc he had AK this time, and snap called me. The worst part is I outflopped him and was about to
fistpump celebrate, but the K came on the turn and ended my run. But I was kinda ok with this play (was gutted about the 150th finish for like 15 mins), cause it was high time I showed the table I wont be pushed around.
PRO TIP : when someone 3bets you the first time, 4bet them irrespective, specially at higher BIs, need to let em know you cant be pushed around.

While single tabling millie, I was watching Shawn and Sahil FTing MTTs. Shawn got coolered on the $2r/8K FT, which was sad becuase he had like 2-3 F2T finishes in this same tourney in a few weeks time, but Sahil managed to take down his $5/10K Turbo. ALso, this morning, was railing DVcoolster in the F2T of Hot5, and he lost a 55-45 before FT, sigh. GG guys.
Even with just 4 sessions in the PGMP 2.0, I am very sure everyone can feel a massive difference in their games. It shows in the results as well (see above:D). On an average we are making deeper runs, converting those deep runs into FTs and then just bossing it up on the FT. And all this, by just adjusting our PF ranges. Cant wait for post-flop lessons to begin !!

For all the math geeks, here is some math on an ATC Button shove with 12BBs :

At 100-200 (25), we have 12 BB effective on BU. What should we be ideally shoving here with ?

Assumption >> 1) Villains – SB and BB are calling fairly wide (player dependant, but most ranges are way tighter than this)
So an avg calling range here will be – 22+,A7+,A2s+,KJ+ . Thats nearly a 20% calling range.

This means each villain folds about 80% of the time. So the proablity of winning the pot uncontested is, when both fold ie 80%*80% which is 64%.
So we win the pot uncontested about 64% of the time and get called 36% of the time.

2) Lets assume we are shoving any two cards dealt to us, ie our shoving range is 100%.
This gives us about 37% equity when called

There is 525 (100+200+225) in the pot.

Let x = stack if we fold.
Let y = stack if we shove

Y = (% of hands villains fold)*(money in pot preflop + x) + (% of hands Villain calls with)*(equity gainst those hands Villains call with)*(money in pot preflop + x + what Vilain has to call)

Y = [.64*(525+2400)] + {[.36*(.37)]*[525+2400+2250]}

Y = 2561 (stack if we shove)

y-x = 161 chips

Which means this shove is +ev, and we gain about 161 chips everytime we shove here ATC.

I just got PT4 but havent had time to look into it yet, will post graphs from next week.
Also here are some cool tunes to listen to, while on the grind (pun intended 😀 ).



Until next time then.

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