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snap busto in 1k

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-06-28 at 12:00 AM

Busted 1st hand of day 2, we were 7 away from the money and I had already decided I was going to try and make moves on the bubble to try and get a big stack, on reaching I heard the table discussing how soon they would be in the money and that they were tons of people below 5k who would be busting very soon, one guy even mentioned how none of us had to play a hand to get in the money. Since money bubble was only 7 away I figured it would only be a few hands before the bubble busted because of the numerous shortstacks, so I was going to try and make most of the money bubble hands. Very first hand I was in the sb, bb was an older gentleman with 18k chips to start the hand, I had 16.2k and we started at 500-1k 100ante. It folded to me in sb and I made it 2400, bb called relatively fast, flop was J 7 4r, I led for 2800, he though for a few seconds and called, turn was a Queen and I shoved 11k into roughly 11k, he tanked for cpl mins and called with Q7 and I busted since I had no outs with 59o going into the river 🙁
Tomorrow is 1500 NLH event, this one of the last 2 1500’s left and I expect a relatively big field, although not as big as the weekend 1500 but still shud be around 2000 people. I think I am finally over my jet lag and on good sleeping schedule and have acclimatized pretty well over the last week, this will be my 4th event since I got here and there aren’t that many left after this so I got to make the most of the remaining limited opportunities, didnt come here all the way not to have a deep run.

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Aditya Agarwal

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