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So close – yet so far

Posted by Ashish Ahuja on 2019-08-05 at 4:17 PM

Hey guys, I am back with my latest blog. Its been a delightful summer for us and while I was working on a separate blog to encapsulate my first trip to Las Vegas for WSOP’s 50th anniversary, we made a good run in the Deltin Poker Tournament High Roller event, so let me recap this first.

Well, we had just got back to India after a two-month grind in Vegas, and it’s been a good start for us in Goa. We came for the Deltin Poker Tournament and finished runner up in the High Roller event.

We were able to bag 80K on Day 1. There was nothing much on Day 1, just a slow start. We chipped up a little bit and managed to bag 2X the starting stack on Day 1.

Day 2 was pretty crucial, my table was pretty soft, so there was a player at my table who had been playing cash game the whole night and was all zapped out because of lack of sleep. He didn’t read the chip count correct, and he had to forfeit his chips to play against us because he misclicked 3-bet and we had a big hand, and we jammed.

Worked in our favor as he miscounted the 5000 chip as the 500 chip, twice he did that, and we got a free lucky pass at the beginning of the Day 2. That helped us survive because we lost a huge pot later on but thanks to that few misclicks in the beginning and extra few chips, we were still in the tournament. We had chipped up to 150K, but we lost a huge pot against Rohit Tiwari and came down to 70K. But it was ok at that point of time as we had come down to the average stack which was fine.

We started chipping up again, and we won a pot with ace-queen, I didn’t see villain’s hand as the guy folded against us. I opened, he 3-bet, and I flatted. The flop came ace high, two diamonds. We had ace-queen with the queen of diamonds. The turn was another diamond, I checked, he checked back, and the river was a queen. We jam the river, and he folds so that was a substantial pot and we chipped up to 350K after that hand, and there was no looking back after that.

At the bubble time, we exploited the money bubble really hard, and from a stack of 350K, we moved up to 1 Million in a span of one and a half hours. I had many recreational players on my table so it was pretty easy. They were pretty tight towards the bubble because they wanted to min-cash, so that helped us to chip easily on the bubble. That’s where I made most of my stack.

We reached the final table placed third in chips. Having the chip leader on my exact left, Shawn Chatterton, handicapped us. I was constrained by him so just had to play out till the time the other short stacks busted. There were three short stacks on the table who began with less than 10 big blinds on the final table and yep, we managed to do that. We just played out quietly as much as we could because we were handcuffed in that situation given my bad position.

We reached heads up with almost the same chip stacks, and I won a decent pot size at the beginning itself to get the chip lead. But after that, I lost 90% of my chip stack in an Ace 9 vs Ace 9 preflop all in where Nikunj was able to get lucky after hitting his backdoor flush against us. We had the same hand, and it sucks to be losing to the same hand, but you can’t do much, that’s poker for you guys, pretty much.

I am still happy with the way I played, no regrets, and eventually, we lost the final hand. Nikunj shoved with 8 bigs holding ace nine, and we called off with king five, and we managed to clip a five on the flop, but he hit an ace on the river, so that was it.

I’ll take the runners up prize, that’s fine. Sometimes you give your best, but still you have to settle for the 2nd prize. That’s it for us. Until next time…

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Ashish Ahuja

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