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So Close Yet So Far

Posted by Jagdeep Singh on 2012-11-14 at 12:00 AM

That was the story of my PGT this time. I was deep in almost all of the tourneys but did-not quite finish the job.
5K re-entry had awesome numbers this time and I hope it improves for Dec event. I had a good 40BB stack at one stage when a random player raised 2.5x from btn (stack:20bb) and I shoved from SB with A5ss only to be called by AK. Got busted out when I 3-bet shoved 20bbs from btn with AJ against a LAG’s initial raise and got called by 77.
After the 4 hour grind in the tourney, I sat with 20k on 100-200 table. Played a huge 13 hr session and got up with a profit of 1.2lk. The only reason I left that table was because I wanted to comeback and play the 7k bounty later that day. Even though there were many interesting hands that night, there are two I distinctly remember. I am planning to right a blog on one of them. Heres the other one:-
I Raise 2400 (stack 60k) pre in a straddled pot with QThh. TAG SB (stack 38k) re-raised to 6k, smart LAG from BB (stack 60k) calls and I flat too. Flop comes Jh8h6s. SB leads out 14k, BB tanks for 2 min and calls off. I call too.
Turn Qd, SB shoves 18k and BB re-shoves 40k and I folded. SB shows AA and BB shows QQ. Brick on the river and BB wins a massive pot.

Played 7k-bounty event next day, which is really my fav event because of the bounties. I doubled up quite early when I hit a st8 with QJ against a guys AK. I gave a huge bad beat when my 88s busted QQ and TT in a pre flop all in pot. Bad play by me and will remember this next time someone gives me a bad beat. Once I had a good stack, I continuously bullied the table and picked up chips.
Had an interesting hand with Prabhat after he joined my table. I raised 2BB from MP with A9o, Prabhat called from BB. He led out with 2.5bb on the flop QT6 (don’t remember clearly but I guess there was a flush draw on the board). I flatted.
Turn J, he led out 4bb and I insta 3-bet it to 10BB. He flatted. River another J, he checked and I tanked forever and then checked. My A high won against his K high.

I went completely card dead for couple of hours after this hand. Lost 3 crucial flips to bust out
1. Folded to btn, he shoves 15BB. I call from SB, his KJ outdraws my A6 with K on the river. Now, this guy was a decent tight player and I would have folded otherwise but I could sense that he was very uncomfortable when I was tanking
2. Folded to me, I min-raise KJ from co, btn shoves 9BB. I call and lose to his A5s
3. 14 players remaining with 12 ITM; UTG shoves for 0.5BB, folded to me on HJ, I shove 10BB with deuces (eager to pick up another bounty :D). BTN calls wd KQdd and wins.
It was very tilting to be the chip-leader for most part of the tourney and bust out during bubble. But I did make some profit because of the bounties I collected. Went back to the hotel early that morning to rest a bit for the main event. Will talk about the main event and epic cash game swings in my next blog..

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Jagdeep Singh

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